Strategies To Improve Employee Engagement After a Lay Off

Employee engagement is certainly effected during times of job loss. If it’s impossible to avoid the implementation of lay-offs altogether, what are some practical methods you can use to improve employee engagement after the deed is done? ...more

Feeling like a newbie while leveling up a business

I don't know if I've blogged about this before, but I am officially a businesswoman! Together with a few partners, I run an online fashion store and I also have a couple of internet shops scattered throughout my hometown.If anyone told me two years ago that I would actually be doing these, I would have laughed. I don't think of business as easy at all. It's tough to actually find the type of business that you like, one that allows you to still, well, stay sane!...more

How I Learned to Manage My Anxiety

I realized that I had a problem with anxiety when I was in high school. I experienced a traumatic event during my Freshman year but did not actually begin to process it until later in my high school career. Around Sophomore and Junior years, I began to experience symptoms of anxiety and depression. I confided in my closest friends, but my experience was shared with their friends, who shared it with their friends, and before I knew it, my secret began to spill over without any inclination that it would stop....more

Top 5 Reasons Why You Are Not Achieving Your Target Goals

With everything that happen around us, it is sometimes difficult to reach our goals. The truth is that very few people do stick to their annual goals. Statistics shows that less than 10% of people achieve their goals. What does this mean? This means that a whopping 9 out of 10 of us do not achieve their current goals. Well, you may always try to keep a track record, working it every year, naively believing this year will be different....more

Defusing Office Drama

Where there are people, there is conflict, and your office is no different. It doesn’t matter if there are just two employees or two hundred, there are going to be fights; there is going to be drama. Unfortunately, that makes life difficult for many of us. I don’t like drama. I’d rather just avoid getting involved and let it play out. But when you run a business, you can’t think that way....more

On Leadership

Note from Issa: This is a reblog of a post I published roughly two years ago, with reference to a very difficult work environment I was tangled up in at the time. Today I post this piece en homage to my marvelous current manager, who hired me into my lovely current company just over a year and a half ago. He’s just let me know that he’ll be leaving in four months to explore other climes. He’s one of the best I’ve ever known, and I’ll miss him. Here’s to you, MG....more

How to be an Effective Program Manager

 A program with a bad Program Manager is like a ship without a captain. The crew can’t see where they are going, the ship spends a lot of time going around in circles, and there is mutiny afoot.So, what exactly does it take to be an EFFECTIVE Program Manager? Lead by example...more

Should You Become A Manager?

Image courtesy of Ambro It’s remarkable how many people are accidental managers. These are people who became managers because they happened to be around when there was a need to put a manager in place. There just as many others who choose to become managers because of dreams of how it “should” be or pressure from family and friends. Whether the opportunity is accidental or intentional, take a moment and ask yourself: “Should I become a manager?”...more

Breaking The Ice With A New Manager

You’ve heard about the new manager. His arrival was announced a few weeks ago. You and your friends at work have been speculating. Will he be different? What changes will he make? Soon enough, the day – and the new manager – has arrived. He is now sitting by the team. How do you break the ice?...more


I have become a stay at home mom recently.  Now every purchase in my house has come under scrutiny.  I chose to stay home so I knew I had to tighten my spending to make our ends meet.  In just over a month I have managed to rack up about $1000.00 in credit card bills. Mind you not alone, my husband has added to that, automobile gas, trips to the hardware store....more