Peachy Mangoes

Satisfying a little tummy is a tough job. So with my ongoing quest to make a meal thats interesting, nutritious and flavorful for my daughter, I thought of working with fruits for a change. I used frozen peaches and mangoes and created this meal rich with anti oxidants. I just cooked these two fruits for few minutes till they became soft. Then I added some cardamom powder. The aroma of cardamom made this dish smell wonderful along with mango and peach....more

Trading Corn for Mangoes and Spicy Creamy Smoky Sweet Corn Recipe

My current corn series began yesterday with Corn for Supper. However, last night I found out that I’m a finalist in the National Mango Board Mango Mentor Contest. That’s right, I could be your very own Mango Mentor. Just go to this Facebook page, scroll down to Christine, click play and vote for me while you learn how to cut a mango. It feels strange to be talking corn when I’m thinking mango. I’ve decided to give in. Next week I’ll be talking all mango all the time. If you were looking forward to more corniness, don’t worry. I’ve got some corn and mango ideas that I want to try. And, to show that I do care about your corn-love, I’ve got my favorite ever corn recipe for you today. ...more