Turkey and Spinach Manicotti: Slimmed-Down Comfort Food

A healthier version of a classic comfort food, this recipe is both delicious and satisfying. This meal is one of my favorites the night before a long run. It gives me the energy I need, without being too heavy in my tummy. And, of course, the thing I like best is that it feels like an indulgence, but with healthier ingredients substituted for the traditional it is a meal I can eat without feeling guilty.   ...more

Sunday Pasta®: Manicotti

Christmas Eve for me just wouldn’t be complete without a hearty serving of manicotti and a teary viewing of “It’s a Wonderful Life.”...more

Manicotti From Freezer to Oven

I've mentioned a few times since starting my new(ish) job that I'm a big fan of make-ahead meals. Trying to cook during the week is hard enough as it is, but when you get home later than you'd like and have a toddler who starts getting ready for bed by 7:30, it becomes much more difficult....more

Hearty Pastas That Heat Up the Kitchen.. and Your Imagination

While I am a firm believer that pure and simple is often best, there are times when a gal just needs to mix things up a bit! Such is occasionally the case in the world of pasta. Marinara is my rock. For years I have relied on it to carry me through Little League spaghetti dinners and church potlucks. It's a staple in my recipe repertoire, but recently it's gotten some tasty company in the form of jazzy pasta dishes that veer far left of your standard fare. ...more

Homemade Manicotti

Homemade manicotti is one of the first Italian dishes that I learned how to make. At the time, it was a challenging dish to make. Well, making the shells was challenging anyway. I remember always having to throw away first few I would make. Nowadays though, I can turn out manicotti shells like it’s nobody’s business!...more