Easy Winter Holiday Nails

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Embossed metal manicure tutorial

*Nothing to Disclose*     Today I have a tutorial of sorts to share with you on how to achieve that embossed metal manicure look that has been floating around the internet lately. I say a tutorial of sorts because I didn't quite achieve the look I was going for and this is more of an experiment that I tried and decided to share. Plus I have an ulterior motive,  I'm hoping some of you talented ladies will have some tips or tricks to share so my next attempt will be a success. ...more

My (honest) review of Jamberry nail wraps

Sometime last year, I couldn’t turn around without seeing Jamberry nail wraps pop up in my Facebook feed. The bright and bold designs were intriguing, so I looked around online for reviews. Big mistake. Every review was written by either a saleswoman saying how utterly without fault they are OR (and I’m not kidding) a rival nail art saleswoman who had all kinds of bizarre claims. I finally just ordered some and have spent the last few months trying them out. Now I can finally share my review!...more
MelloYello nice idea!! Im not a consultant but my addiction to them may lead to it so i can get ...more

How to Make Your Manicure Last! (This is Why I Don't Have a Beauty Blog)

This is what my nails look like TWO days after getting a mani.  #UGH...more
AdrienneCookie good to know, thank you!  I'm looking down at my fingernails now - painted in a ...more

Rainbow Honey Glitter Polish...Old School Christmas

I posted swatches of the polishes I received in my September Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag. I thought the colors were gorgeous and they were well received by my readers. ...more

Purple Nail Polish Is My Weakness!

I will be the first to admit that I have a problem with nail polishes in the purple family. I don't care what shade they are, I have to buy them and I don't feel guilty one bit. ...more

Tie Dye Nails: Manicure Tutorial

Hey, y'all! I'm really excited about today's tie dye manicure and I hope y'all like it too. I did my very first video tutorial, for these tie-dye nails that use the needle drag technique. I'm really proud of how it came out and I hope you find it helpful, and go out and do tons of tie-dye manicures. First, the nails. These were done using four polishes from the China Glaze Electropop Collection; Fuchsia Fanatic, Sunshine Pop, Aquadelic and Gothic Lolita....more
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Nail Polish of the Day Julep Carrie

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Seven Steps to Healthy Nails

Hangnails are no joke. They are painful, and if left untreated can spread infection. Do you really know what a hangnail is? It isn't the nail at all.A hangnail is torn skin around the nail typically caused by dry skin. The best way to prevent hangnails is to practice good nail care by following these simple steps....more

HOW TO: Half Moon Manicure

Happy Manicure Monday!Here's an easy peasy visual nail art manicure tutorial anyone can do.  All ya need are some office supplies.  No really - office supplies. Forget all those expensive tapes at the beauty salon and check out any office supply store for Avery's reinforcement labels to use as a guide.  A pack of 560 little circles is all of a couple of bucks!...more