Tie Dye Nails: Manicure Tutorial

Hey, y'all! I'm really excited about today's tie dye manicure and I hope y'all like it too. I did my very first video tutorial, for these tie-dye nails that use the needle drag technique. I'm really proud of how it came out and I hope you find it helpful, and go out and do tons of tie-dye manicures. First, the nails. These were done using four polishes from the China Glaze Electropop Collection; Fuchsia Fanatic, Sunshine Pop, Aquadelic and Gothic Lolita....more
this is absolute perfection!! perfect mani! <3more

Nail Polish of the Day Julep Carrie

By PolishedWay S Hello My Lovelies! ...more

Seven Steps to Healthy Nails

Hangnails are no joke. They are painful, and if left untreated can spread infection. Do you really know what a hangnail is? It isn't the nail at all.A hangnail is torn skin around the nail typically caused by dry skin. The best way to prevent hangnails is to practice good nail care by following these simple steps....more

HOW TO: Half Moon Manicure

Happy Manicure Monday!Here's an easy peasy visual nail art manicure tutorial anyone can do.  All ya need are some office supplies.  No really - office supplies. Forget all those expensive tapes at the beauty salon and check out any office supply store for Avery's reinforcement labels to use as a guide.  A pack of 560 little circles is all of a couple of bucks!...more

Sally Hansen Salon Effects

It all started with curiosity. Last year it seemed like everyone was trying out these newfangled nail art strips called Salon Effects by Sally Hansen. There was a selection of colors and patterns available, and they claimed to be long-lasting and chip-free.So of course, I had to try them....more

Caviar Manicure- Can't Eat This?!

 A cool, chic nail trend to indulge is the Caviar manicure. Ciate a UK brand nail company has a DIY kit which includes nail polish and tiny, caviar shaped beads that can create the 3D effect for your talons....more

chevron manicure tutorial


Shatter Polish and Sparrow Rings

"What happened to your nails?" the manicurist chirped, staring at my hands with a concerned, yet disgusted expression. The jagged nails  curved in their usual uneven and slightly bent ends....more

HOW TO: Black & Beige Bow-tie Manicure

Happy Manicure Monday! Today's weekly manicure tutorial is how to do a bow-tie manicure. ...more

More than just a manicure

As I sat in the nail salon, and watched two friends enter, I couldn’t help but wonder if I go there for a manicure or for the entertainment? I think a little of both.My pedicure was just beginning when they entered the salon. One of them seemed pretty quiet. The other, was the polar opposite. You could have heard her three states over.The loud, chatty one took it upon herself to tell the manicurist exactly what type of manicure her friend wanted, permanent French. For herself, she wanted acrylic tips – but not too long....more

Can you tell I live in a "unique" town?more