HOW TO: Half Moon Manicure

Happy Manicure Monday!Here's an easy peasy visual nail art manicure tutorial anyone can do.  All ya need are some office supplies.  No really - office supplies. Forget all those expensive tapes at the beauty salon and check out any office supply store for Avery's reinforcement labels to use as a guide.  A pack of 560 little circles is all of a couple of bucks!...more

HOW TO: Disco Manicure

Happy Manicure Monday!! This week's manicure tutorial is how to do what I like to call a disco manicure. ...more
@victorias_view Thanks! It's kinda funny as I normally only wear red polish. I very rarely do ...more

HOW TO: Make your manicure last all week

Happy Manicure Monday!...more

HOW TO: Black & Beige Bow-tie Manicure

Happy Manicure Monday! Today's weekly manicure tutorial is how to do a bow-tie manicure. ...more

HOW TO: Colored French Manicure

It's Manicure Monday on Tuesday (yes I'm late again cuz I was off yesterday). This week's manicure how to is how to do a colored French manicure....more
Fun and creative!more

HOW TO: Sparkle Manicure

It's Manicure Monday on Wednesday cuz well I was on vacation (insert cheesy grin here).This week's manicure how to is a sparkle manicure compliments of OPI and Nicole by OPI....more
@Karen Moran Nice! I'm going to keep checking back--I love interesting nail polish :) I have ...more