Zoya, Fall 2015, Focus Collection

I have the Zoya, Fall 2015, Focus Collection review up on my blog.  Follow the link http://www.thepolishedperspective.com/2015/08/zoya-focus-collection-fall-2015.html for individual swatches and review....more

every damn time

Please tell me these sound familiar to you...I grate a vegetable -> I immediately shred the skin off of 2.5 knuckles and have to gingerly pick out the pieces of cauliflower dotted with my blood.I pluck my eyebrows -> I discover a pimple from the Mesozoic Era hiding in the left one that, when gently prodded, explodes all over the mirror....more

At Home Manicure Tips

photo Kathy Piper Email: smilefornoreason06@gmail.comWebsite: http://www.smilefornoreason.net/ ...more

4 Ways to Try Summer Prints With Nail Art

Need some nail art inspiration? Here are four DIY ways to capture summer's colorful pattern trend -- on your fingertips. ...more
Karen you should really try! I always thought it would be very difficult and wasn't very happy ...more

Sparkling Up a Manicure With Glitter and Rhinestones

A glamorous nail art choice can take your summer look up a beauty notch. ... This post is part of BlogHer's Revamp Your Style editorial series, sponsored by Schick Hydro Silk. ...more
@MarfMom I use a small brush like the third one in this ...more

On Manicures and Pedicures.

...no, not the Fish Kind.So awhile back, I asked my friend S (of the S&M variety) what she does to her nails, because they are always so pretty. Turns out she gets acrylics. I always had bad associations of acrylic nails, thinking they were for the over-sixties crowd and were always thick, horribly long, beyellowed horrors:...more
I understand your concerns. I am currently considering either complaining or going to another ...more

Too good to be true

This fall I couldn't help but rave about the two week OPI gel manicure. From my first time, I was in love. I couldn't believe how well the polish held up, chip free. It was amazing, especially for someone like me who normally chips her nails within hours after a polishing.  For months and months I opted for this type of manicure. For months and months I loved it....more

Red, Rose, or Rude?

I was sitting in the manicure chair, when the twentyish girl entered the nail salon. The owner, who normally works the front desk, was in the other room. So, the manicurist who was polishing my nails greeted the girl, and asked what she needed.  Barely glancing her way, and taping her foot, she replied, “a manicure and a pedicure.”  “OK. Have seat for few minute until someone finished,” the manicurist replied, in broken English. “Wait?” the girl accused. “What do you mean wait?...more

It used to be a date, now it is a relationship

“It used to be a date, now it is a relationship,” the woman next to me at the nail salon said, as we both struggled to select a shade for our two week gel manicures.  I laughed, but she was right.   I never would have imagined I would worry about picking out a nail color that I may tire of.    I have always been the absolute worst when it comes to keeping polish on my nails.  I am constantly washing my hands, cleaning up after the cat, and doing dishes....more

Four Splurges Under $40

I'm tired of Winter but I've come up with four great things to do (each under $40) to brighten my spirits and put some Spring in my step! ...more

Because I do everything blackbird tells me to do. I went to "our" $15 manicure salon and ...more