How Meditation Helps Manifest Your Goals

Sitting listlessly at my computer, wondering why my mind feels wrapped in barbwire, as if every possible direction of action seems painfully wrong. I’m not sure what to create, who to reach out to, what step to take next; it’s an awkward but frequent mental state of this time in the morning, when breakfast’s coffee has warn off, and my body craves movement to get the juices – figurative and literal – flowing again....more

How to Manifest YOUR Best Life with Meditation

 I’ve heard too many times that people are using their own thoughts to sabotage their happiness and kill their chances for success....more

Manifest Your Dreams AND Get What You Want

Amber @ The Holistic Foodiehttp://www.theholisticfoodie.comThis life is amazing. You can have anything that you want and you create your own world. Can it really get any better than that?...more

Let Success Chase You

Mike Robbins March 27, 2014...more

The Power of Gratitude

Gratitude is a very powerful emotion, and feeling thankful for our blessings and appreciating all that’s good in our life helps us feel content and fulfilled. Gratitude, in fact, is also essential to make the law of attraction work.When we feel grateful for something, we focus on calming and positive thoughts to create a field of positive energy around us. The law of attraction very simply states that like attracts like, which means when we focus on positive thoughts we attract positive things into our life. When stand in a place of gratitude, we are standing in positivity....more

Dear God, I Still Don't Know!

I came across some notes I had scribbled when I was in grade Vll. I found this.   Dear God, You are weird. I don’t get you. You don’t add up. You are the Controller of the earth, the fire, the wind and the rain. You are manifested in the earth, the fire, the wind and the rain. You are the earth, the fire, the wind and the rain You have laws that we mortals should live by, but You make and break them at will....more