Basic Life Etiquette 101

Once upon a time, I used to write ‘etiquette’-themed posts on my blog, ‘AA.’  These posts were created to outline how one should act in certain scenarios or locations, specifically:...more

Did you write a thank-you?

It seems to have become a lost act of kindness...."Remember to write a thank-you card," said my mom a million times throughout my childhood. ...more

Flu Etiquette: How to Have the Flu Like a Lady

Flu season is here, and unfortunately, even ladies are not immune from the dreadful disease. Sometimes you become ill; there’s simply nothing that can be done about that. I’m sure the last thing you want to think about when your nose is running and your head feels like a bowling ball is flu etiquette, but it’s these times when etiquette is most important and has the greatest effect. It’s prime opportunity to prove yourself as a lady of class. If you can maintain your grace through a terrible cold or flu, then everything else should be a breeze. ...more

The lost art of manners

One day, I was working about an hour away from home. On my return trip, I came upon a fatal accident that had just occurred. The highway was immediately closed. After a long wait, they eventually re-routed us, and due to the addition of rush hour traffic, we ended up in a traffic jam like none I have ever seen. I waited in four kilometers of traffic for over an hour, only to be turned around and wait in four more.This was just to get to an exit....more

Yoghurt Spoon!

The Toddler is eating lunch. She is having yoghurt ('oghurt') for dessert. The Toddler likes yoghurt.The Toddler has finished her main course. She becomes immediately concerned that the offer of yoghurt may have been forgotten or withdrawn in the 15 minutes since it was made. The Toddler will check. She yells, 'Oghurt! Mummy! Daddy! Grammy! Oghurt! Oghurt!'...more

No, You Don't Have to Share Your Toys!

I once worked in an establishment in which one of my fellow managers would sign off nearly every email with the cloying “Sharing is Caring!”  Right after I vomited all over my keyboard, I was always tempted to hit Reply to All and type “I’m diabetic and you’re making me ill!”...more

You're Doing It Wrong: Your phone might be keeping you single

The scene: A Chicago bar during a college football game. A couple in a booth, accompanied by a male friend. Minutes later, a girl walks in solo and sits with the group, bubbly and smiley. (Said girl, I might add, is pretty damn cute.) ...more

You're Doing it Wrong: Food Shaming

Last week's "You're Doing it Wrong," covered a couple of food pet peeves that were kind of me-specific and ok, a little weird. This week's topic is a little more universal because it's happened to everyone and is probably a pet peeve of yours that you couldn't put a name to. Until now.You're doing it wrong if...You're food shaming friends, family or anyone for that matter....more