Maple Cayenne Roasted Cauliflower

You guys. I have a secret...I don't like cauliflower.Scratch that. I didn't like cauliflower. Until now....more

~Crunchy Baked Apple Rings..Dripping in Maple Syrup!

~Crunchy Baked Apple Rings..Dripping in Maple Syrup!   ...more

Spring Sweets: Making Maple Syrup Magic

Many of us drizzle (or dump) maple syrup over our breakfast without a second thought.  But there is more to the making of this sweet and indigenous glaze than meets the eye (and mouth, and nose)....more

I think the darker the better. No one ever complains a dish has too much ...more

New Year's Eve Spicy Maple Cashews

Sugar and spice and everything nice… But these cashews (like most girls I know!) have a spunky side that packs a real kick....more

If you make these ones, do let me know what you think.

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Field Trip to the Sugar Bush

Rhonda Fleming Hayes The sap's running! The call came yesterday. My husband's former boss, the consummate woodsman, canoeist, hunter and sportsman, now retired, would be boiling syrup the next day. So today we headed north to the woods... The sugar bush refers to a stand of maples, usually sugar maples or black maples, tapped to make the syrup we all love on our pancakes, unless you've got a thing for Mrs. Butterworth. Today's post is more show than tell....see it at The Garden Buzz...more

Live from Quebec: Experiencing the Annual Sugaring Off

"We can smell the maple syrup as soon as we step out of the car. I can see smoke rising up out of the trees and the sun warms my face. ... We've all come for one thing: sugaring off. During these warm days and cool nights, the sap is running in Lynn and Marc's 25 acre 'sugar bush'. The maple trees are tapped, and the collecting of the precious sap has begun." ~ Excerpt from Under the High Chair ...more

I visited a sugar bush once during the winter I spent in the Ottawa valley. It was such fun! ...more

Losing my Sugar Shack Virginity

Sugar Shacks should not be confused with the B-52's Love Shack. Sure it is a place where we can get together but a Sugar Shack (or Cabane à Sucre if you prefer) involves lots and lots of maple syrup. I have a confession to make - until this past weekend I, Sassymonkey, was a Sugar Shack virgin. Sure I had read lots about sugaring off season and I even remember that Road to Avonlea episode where Felicity decides to become a maple syrup entrepreneur. I sing the praises of real maple syrup and kicked poor Aunt Jemima out of my kitchen years ago. ...more

That really *is* a different kind of sugar shack isn't it? lol


Why did the chicken cross the road?

Why did the chicken cross the road? I don't know. I do know you should try this recipe. Maple-Dijon Spinach Salad with Grilled Chicken. Firstly, I don't measure. Unless I am baking. It's fun. Try it with me. Secondly, this is so dang good you will probably want to thank me a million times. Thirdly, lets get on with it, shall we? The ingredients you need: ...more

Sugar Shack Season

I have a confession to make and for it someone might actually try to revoke my Canadian status or at least my Quebec residency - I've never been been to a sugar shack, or as they call them here in Quebec, cabane au sucre. This is probably a bigger deal in Quebec then most places in Canada because Quebec produces 75% of the world's maple syrup (sorry Vermonters but it's true). As I've lived for about 9 years in Quebec my having not been to one is quite disturbing to other residents. ...more