Running the Race

For anyone who has walked/run a race, you can understand the gush of adrenalin that lights your feet. This is what is planted in my mind of the recent Portland Half-Marathon last weekend, the celebration of freedom....more

Good Luck, Honolulu Marathoners!

On the eve of the 2013 Honolulu Marathon, I'd like to send all entrants well wishes and good juju for a successful race. Exactly one year ago, I was in your (running) shoes, digesting carbs and getting psyched up to finish 26.2 grueling miles....more

I Gave Up During My 2nd Marathon

This isn't the report I want to write. This isn't how I imagined this would go....more
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I do NOT want to run a marathon when I'm 40!!

I do NOT want to run a marathon when I’m 40!!! ...more

I am a Fat Runner

It is true. I am a fat runner. Or... I should be more specific. I am overweight. Significantly. As in, at only 5"3, I weigh in at 177 pounds.  There is no disputing my weight... or my body mass index or even my clothing size. Most of all, there is no disputing the impact that my weight has on my running. ...more
I'm a fat runner too..! thanks for sharing it!more