I am a runner.

So… I’ve sat here for a few minutes unable to start this entry, because I keep wanting to go back and change that title.  You see, I have forever been adamant that I am decidedly not a runner.  I quit track in school after one practice because apparently, before they let you just sprint down and do a few hurdles, you also have to run in circles around the track with your teammates.  A lot.  No thank you....more

{book review} Marathoning For Mortals

Every day I have an internal debate with myself, usually while I’m out on my morning run. Could I really run a full marathon? Do I have what it takes? A few weeks ago, I went to the library and checked out a handful of books on the subject to see if I could answer that question. I just finished the first book. Marathoning For Mortals by John “The Penguin” Bingham and Coach Jenny Hadfield....more

How to ruin the end of a race

No matter how many races I watch, there’s something so inspiring about seeing that final tenth of a mile. At least one runner makes me cry, always. This year, it was a mom running — struggling — until her two kids and husband raced up on the sidewalk parallel to the course and finished out the final steps with her. It was Mothers Day.There was one thing that drove me crazy, though. Race directors take note.Keep reading at DistrictSweats....more

2013 Boston Marathon: My Best Worst Day Ever

Training for a marathon is a taxing, physical, emotional and expensive process. For me personally, that means five cortisone shots, almost a hundred physical therapy appointments and a few arguments with my wife. Why do it? Why climb a mountain? Why be a police officer? Why be an emergency room nurse? Why detonate a bomb in a crowd of innocent people? Not sure. We all make choices others wouldn’t and we justify our decisions based on our interests, options and perspective....more
I'm glad you and your family were safe.more

What I Wish Terrorists Understood

{By "terrorist" I mean, "a person who terrorizes or frightens others".  It can be anyone intending to dominate, coerce or overcome using fear.} Yesterday I drove from Portland to Salt Lake City.  It's a 13 hour drive.  Being alone on the road for that long makes my mind wander and yesterday I could not stop thinking about what happened in Boston....more

I Did It!!

 Wow, what a day. I knew it would be an emotional day and it was. At the starting line, I was more calm than nervous (which is REALLY different for me. Most of the time I have the nervous anxiety at the start). But I didn't this time. But as I crossed the starting line, I felt the emotion well up. I was doing this. I was actually running a marathon....more
You finished -- that's what counts. Who cares if veteran runners would think that was slow? You ...more

I'm Running My First Marathon in Less than 2 Days

Last Run Before The Marathon Well, today was my last run before the marathon. One more day, and then it's 'the day'. I'm a ball of excitement and nervousness....more
MrsGlass I know you are going to do great! You've gotten Momma through this marathon! couldn't ...more

What I Wish I Knew- Marathons

Things I WISH I Knew....before running a marathon...more

From My Couch to My First 5K

When I began my list of 50 Things To Do Before My 50th Birthday I (impulsively) added, number 33 "Run Participate in a Half-Marathon." You'll notice I said participate, not run.I'm a lawyer and a blogger, so I know I should choose my words carefully....more

A Half-Marathon a Month for a Year

Sometimes it takes me a while to get around to doing good things.  Especially if those good things are something I've been doing for a while, things people have complimented me on, things I feel I have even the smallest of footholds.  Oh, I've made some progress?  Time to let that go.  ...more