A Half-Marathon a Month for a Year

Sometimes it takes me a while to get around to doing good things.  Especially if those good things are something I've been doing for a while, things people have complimented me on, things I feel I have even the smallest of footholds.  Oh, I've made some progress?  Time to let that go.  ...more

D-Day or race day, whichever

This is it. 48 hours from now I’ll be mid-race. I can’t decide if I’m nervous, excited or about to throw up. It’s probably equal parts of all three.One moment I’m sure I can do this; I know my zone and once in it, it’s a comfortable place to be. Moments later I doubt my readiness. That’s normal, right?...more

Sunburn On A Cloudy Day (NJ Marathon Race Report)

There is no better way to experience a mix humility and pride than to stand among thousands waiting for the start of a marathon.  For most of us, the competition is between self and self.  Something within us knows we can do this.  That same something has a little doubt.  That same something promises a steady strong run.  Yet that same something is already offering consolation for a nice try, promising that if desired aspirations are not met, that there will be other opportunities. ...more

How Will You Challenge Yourself Today?

 Claire Lomas-26.2 Miles, 16 Days, 100% Inspirational!...more

The Toronto Women’s Run, and other signs that I’m nuts

It’s now the final countdown to the ½ marathon that I’m running at the end of May and I’ve made some drastic decisions.To start with…umm…I’m running 21.1 freaking kilometers. So that’s pretty drastic. If you sense a note of panic creeping into my tone, you’re freaking right. Holy freak!Now that my breakdown is out of the way…...more

I run to be strong, happy, and for a tight tush. Sue me.

Two years ago this week I began running. It started with a hard look at what I was and wasn’t doing and the realization that I needed to change something. I had passed the 40-year milestone and being out of breath by the time I got to the top of the stairs wasn’t on my life goals. Nor was feeling frazzled by a sometimes over-scheduled and hectic life. I needed an outlet....more
I flirt with yoga and running and walking but I don't think I've found my thing yet. more

Ep 50: Rock n Roll New Orleans recap

IIt’s Episode 50 and I am back to talking about running!...more



Road to 5K: First Week of Training

Welcome to our first week of training in the Inspiration to Fitness 5K track! Excitement mixed with a little nervousness is natural at the start of any training program. But congratulations—you’re taking the first step to a healthier, stronger, more balanced you! Running a 5k is just a bonus! Many runners agree that running is 90 percent mental. Negative thoughts and a lack of motivation can take down even the best runner. Here are a few tips to get and stay motivated:...more
In the first week of training in the Inspiration to Fitness 5K track there is excitement mixed ...more

RnRLV takes a nose dive

I realize that I have yet to post a out recap of my race for the Rock n Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon. It’s mostly in the podcast, but not everyone will take the time to listen....more