Doodle Per Diem #1

I haven't updated my blog in a long time. For the people that have been following me, I am sorry....more
Awesome goal!more

26.2 Miles: Respect Where You Are Today

With the passing of several marathons I’ve been reading how a lot of runners are upset with their finish times. Why can’t I run faster? Why am I such a loser? Why did I hit the wall? Etc ….. (I’m not pointing any fingers, but there’s a lot of you out there that are beating yourself up about it). And then one of the questions on this week’s run chat had to do with dealing with the disappointment of it all. Unfortunately, I can’t go back to find the original question word-for-word because the chat was zipping by at amazingly fast speeds....more
I just registered for my first half-marathon. The D.C Rock'n Roll and I think I peed my pants ...more


Sometimes out of tragedy we find our inner strength. We choose a path of strength and look forward. I don’t know of many who could do what this man has done. I, for one, am rooting for him to succeed.  Although Mr. Singh ran in his younger days he had taken a break for about 50 years. Yup. A long break in there. How old is he now? Mr. Fauja Singh is 100 years old. That in itself is a motivation to others. A century old, people.  He lost his wife and son and needed to find a new focus in his life. He turned back to running and at 88 he ran his first 20 kilometer race (32.18 miles) SERIOUSLY!!!...more

26.2 Miles? For these ladies, the Hay is in the Barn!

My friend Penny is training for the NYC Marathon on Nov....more

Lakefront Marathon 2011

How did it go … well, the bus ride with the other DM’rs was a lot of fun Jeff. picked me up at VERY early o’clock, we were first to the bus stop. Go figure. I’d expect nothing but that from Jeff....more

RnR with my mom

I've decided that I'm going to run the Rock n Roll Savannah with my mom. Here are some reasons why -1. I am so completely burnt out right now that I do not feel like putting my heart and soul into training. I am going to half ass train until the race and honestly, I don't want to get injured so I'm not going to worry about time, more focus on enjoying the race...more

To Run or Not To Run

If you read my blog yesterday, you know that I am not feeling super prepared for the marathon I have in November. To recap, my issues are as follows -*yoga teacher training once a month which also includes 2 yoga classes a week*football season*work - 50 hours per week*a HUGE event downtown this weekend*3 weddings...more

And then I tripped over my dog

I love Rock n Roll

So, someone found my blog by searching for the phrase "tomorrow wendi is going to die". THAT IS TERRIBLE!!____________________________________________________________________    Here is my outfit for today. My husband took it while going #2, so it is at a weird angle, and that information is probably weird but I was in a hurry....more

Running update & foodies get ready