Holy Grail Foundation and Tool Used to Apply for Perfect Skin

Applying makeup is trial and error. Some combinations work, some fail and some are holy grail miracles. ...more

The Diamond & the Marc Jacobs Watch

It’s subtle, but not subtle enough that you don’t notice that slightly “more eager to please” tone in the cashier’s voice, that colleagues who have never spoken to me before greet me on a first name basis suddenly, how quickly store clerks ask me if I need any help finding anything.“Isn’t strange how people treat you differently?” my dad asked when I told him I was wearing the watch my parents gave me for my recent birthday (the big 30! or as my friend hilariously texted me the day of, “welcome to the dirty thirties”). It’s good to know I’m not imagining things....more

Metropolitan Museum Costume Institute Gala, Part One

DAHLINGS – The Metropolitan Museum opened its latest costume exhibition, “The Model As Muse: Embodying Fashion,” last night with a gala co-chaired by Marc Jacobs, Kate Moss, Justin Timberlake and my idol, Anna Wintour, who was of course stunning in Chanel. ...more

Designer clothing, a dire necessity.

Clothes maketh a man – this adage has held a firm place year after year. We do encounter a lot of changes in our life but one thing that remains constant is a person’s sense of fashion. It is the inherent human tendency to have all the good things in life and clothes are no exceptions. What we wear only reflects our personality and our tastes in life and it either makes or breaks our image in other’s eyes. ...more

Fur me once, shame on you...fur me twice, shame on me

Aren't we supposed to learn from our mistakes? Or, as George Santayana said, "when experience is not retained, as among savages, infancy is perpetual. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." In my case, my non-retentive memory issue seems to be with Marc by Marc Jacobs faux fur coats. more ...more