What March Madness Basketball and Your Career Have In Common

It’s March and in my household—with a husband from the University of Virginia and a 14-year old son who is a crazy sports fan— that means one thing: March Madness and College Basketball.I'm a little slow when it comes to sports so my husband helped me get up to speed by re-counting this season’s most critical games. One in particular stood out: UVA vs. Wake Forest, when UVA’s pulled off an amazing comeback, 72-71....more

March Madness...NCAA or NFL?

March Madness...NCAA or NFL?When I was younger,  had to learn the fundamentals of basketball.  You can have all the physical ability in the world, but you still have to know the fundamentals.  ~Michael Jordan...more

Asian-Inspired Chicken Drumsticks

Let's be honest here. My interest in March Madness is solely in the food. I currently live in Germany and having a basketball viewing party just wouldn't fly. I can imagine it now: "March Madness? Who is mad and why? Why have a party for this?" But that's all right. I can make my party food and eat it myself! More for me. ...more

Chicken Omelette Rolls a Healthier Game Day Snack

What’s better than inviting a bunch of good friends over to cheer for your favorite basketball teams over a few delicious snacks and appetizers? As a big foodie, I think the madness should not only be on the basketball court but also in your kitchen! This is a perfect time to use your culinary creativity to surprise your guests. ...more

Game Day Deep Dish Pizza Cups

So guys...have you been infected with the madness that is college basketball? Dan and I - not so much. Basketball wasn't really a big thing at our school (or any other sport, really) so neither of us has a horse in the race. As a result, Dan is much more excited about spring training, and I'm mainly just waiting for March to end so that it actually starts feeling like spring around here. ...more
BlogHer agreed.... as in before the guests arrive.more

Buffalo Chicken Sliders

Considering I haven't been working over the past four weeks, I'm feeling a little detached from March Madness this year. Working in sports television usually translates to a palpable buzz around the office come tournament time. There are generally several people hosting bracket pools and everyone is talking about their pick to win it all. ...more

Game Day Appetizers

March Madness is here! It's my favorite holiday. Yes. Basketball tournament time is a holiday around here. Everyone fills out brackets, skips work (or takes reaaallly long lunch-breaks) on Thursday and Friday during the first two weeks, and you can't go far without spotting someone sporting their team colors. ...more
OMGosh...your choices for game day madness look simply irresistable! And since I, love to to ...more

$50 Giveaway - March Madness, Brackets, Lotto Tickets, Tournament of Flavors, Oh My

(Image Credit: Elizabeth Irrelevent Blog)It is definitely March Madness! Everyone seems to be going crazy and betting hungry, from basketball bets to the New York Lottery....more

You Make Me Feel Like Dancing: March Madness Edition

I was raised on a steady diet of college basketball. More specifically, UCLA Bruin Basketball.  No big stretch- my parents met over 60 years ago while my mother was a student at UCLA. It was easy being a fan in the John Wooden years- 10 National Championships, long undefeated streaks, a roster of future NBA Hall of Famers. Coach Wooden retired in 1975, ostensibly when Bill Walton graduated....more
 @@jschonb  my UCSB Gaucho women got destroyed by Baylor in the frist round!more

Staycation '12 and not to brag, but I'm a bracket filling out champion

I would write about it, but I figured if a picture is worth 1,000 words, I'm covered. Oh and if you don't like pictures, please scroll to the bottom to hear about how awesome I am. Okay go.  ...more