Margaret Cho in the Korean Spa: On Birthday Suits and Birth Rights

Last week, Margaret Cho published a missive on her blog and on the women's site Jezebel about a bad experience at Aroma Spa & Sports, a Korean-style spa (jjimjilbang) in Los Angeles. She was in the women's sauna, fully nude, when some other patrons threw her some dirty looks because her body is heavily tattooed. Things escalated quickly when the management, by request of these other patrons, asked her to cover up her body....more
I am a half korean third culture kid, and and can intimately relate with Ms. Cho's story. I have ...more

My Delayed Response to Margaret Cho's "retarded" Remarks

www.motherfog.wordpress.comI believe I am a week or two late in the discovery of what threw me out of bed last night and to my computer to write.  What I stumbled upon caused bile to rise in my throat, and old news or not, I felt compelled to give my own editorial....more

Margaret Cho Doesn't Deserve a "Retarded" Baby

Usually, I'm one of those people who are sitting at home, shaking their heads ruefully, when I hear about how everyone is mad because some pea-brained celebrity made some inappropriate comment during an interview. You know what I'm talking about -- someone uses a racial slur, or slams homosexuality, and the media feeding frenzy begins. I always sit around and say how the media makes it worse, let it drop, etc, etc. Well, I'm a hypocrite, in case any of my regular readers haven't figured it out, and I'm about to prove it to the tenth degree. Recently, Margaret Cho, a comedienne, did an interview in which she declared she didn't "necessarily want to have a retard" baby. ...more
While I do think that Cho was tasteless in her wording, it's not wrong for a woman to feel that ...more

12 Tips on Finding Your Unique Sense of Humor From Comedian Margaret Cho

For BlogHer's monthly series of 12 tips to help you Own Your Beauty, comedian Margaret Cho takes on this month's theme: Humor....more

I think she's one of the smartest women working today.more

Dancing With the Stars Season 11 Season Premiere Recap: So, What's the Situation?

So despite my misgivings about this season of Dancing with the Stars, of course I tuned in last night for the season premiere. ...more

I am excited to watch Jennifer Grey's performance in Dancing with the Stars.

Check this cool ...more

Things I liked this week

Jokes that objectify women, by Matsu at mediagirl. ...more