Maria Kang Redux

Guys, I'm so sick of us. Aren't you sick of us? Here we write, day in and day out. Someone writes one thing, another person disagrees with it and writes his or her response, then another, then another ad nauseum....more

Mommy Wars

For the last few months different pictures of new moms have made rounds on Facebook and caused many open conversations and letters in different media outlets. It all started with a simple picture and a question “What’s your excuse?” by mom and fitness blogger Maria Kang. Something that was meant as a push to lose weight and get fit was turned into something negative and started the new kind of mom wars....more

I'm So Over Shaming

The first rule of the Internet, if you put it online expect that someone will say something rude about it....more

I Have 99 Problems But a B- Wait, Wrong Title

Originally posted at Breath. Smiles. Tears....more

What’s your excuse?

What’s your excuse?Beautiful and fit Maria Kang with her kids ...more

The World is Fifty Bazillion Shades do Grey- Don't be Judgy

Shall we sort through the aftermath caused by yesterday's spoofy post I wrote called Bite Me Maria Kang? Let's do it!The following post was inspired by comments I received defending Maria Kang- The mom who had the audacity to flaunt a photograph of her buff physically fit body in skimpy workout attire kneeling over her three young sons bearing the caption, "What's your excuse?"...more
Link from original post Bite Me Maria Kang

What's Wrong with This Picture? Why Maria Kang Can't Tell People What to Do.

Maria Kang is getting a lot of heat for this photo: Image: Facebook (fair use)...more

I Have No Excuse

I've spent an embarrassing amount of time staring at this picture.At every. single. pixel....more