Two Inspiring figures.!

NaBloPoMo Nov.24 PromptMadame Curie and our beloved JK Rowling.Why write pages and pages about them when google provides you each and every detail. I will simply tell you why I like them..... ...more

The Unstoppable Marie Curie

Maria Sklodovska Curie, born in 1867 in Russian occupied Warsaw, Poland is the only person in history to receive two Nobel prizes, each in a different science. In 1903 she received the Nobel Prize in Physics, and in 1911, the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. ...more

I have always loved the stories about Marie Curie. I am of Polish ancestry, and she was a real ...more

Saints of the week, and saints of our own hearts

When I was a little girl and still Catholic, the masses were held in Latin. I would sit in the incense-filled church, surrounded by the comfortable blur of faith sounds, and read my St Joseph's Daily Missal, a book that had the mass, translations of the Latin, prayers, information, theology and my favorite part -- a whole big section at the back called "Lives of the Saints". I would read that over and over, looking for stories about holy girls and women. This was one place in the church that women (other than Mary) were revered on an equal footing with men. ...more

I just love Georgia O'Keeffe's artwork! She's be at the top of my list too.



Childhood Fears

"Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood." Marie Curie. What were you most scared of as a child? Are you still scared of those same things now? When I was a kid, I wasn’t scared of anything. There were no monsters under my bed, there were no skeletons in the closest. ...more

Saints - then and now - in and outside of the church

The idea of sainthood has been on my mind all week. I remember sitting in the back of our Polish Roman Catholic church as a kid, reading my St Joseph's Daily Missal. This was pre-Vatican II, when the masses were still in Latin, the incense was heavy, the nuns were tyrants who must be obeyed and the priests could do no wrong. ...more

1. Amy Carmichael: 18th century Scottish Presbyterian missionary who invested her life ...more