5 reasons marijuana is detrimental to the teen brain

 Marijuana has been known as the gateway drug of teen substance use for decades. It's often thought of as less harmful and consequential than other drugs because it's "natural" and now legal in many parts of our country. In the U.S....more
Dr. Luisa, no one is advocating teen use (with the exception of medical application)  anymore ...more

Legalized It.

Oregon, say hello to your new state weed: ...more

How Should You Talk to Your Kids About Hemp and Marijuana?

"I really want to hang up my weed leaf tapestry in the basement," said my main mansky, Cransky, as we stood in the kitchen amongst piles of moving boxes. "So hang it up." "But it's got a giant WEED LEAF ON IT AND THERE ARE CHILDREN LIVING HERE." Cransky makes a potent point. But! The green times they are a-changin'. "Welllll, maybe we hang it up and it'll be a conversation starter about all the wonders of hemp," I responded....more
Hemp? Nope. I think we left that out of the drug talk.more

Did You Have a Mari-juana Christmas?

I am wondering if I truly am old fashioned, behind the times, and/or a product of a law-enforcement family? I am still surprised when I learn of open and liberal use of marijuana by young adults and their parents…even though it is still illegal here in Connecticut....more

Retail Marijuana Stores May Come to Washington State

If you live in Washington State and their proposed rules for selling retail marijuana are approved, then tucked amongst the Jos A. Banks and Paneras will be retail marijuana stores, similar to current liquor stores.  You will not be able to smoke marijuana on the premises, and these stores are tightly regulated as to where they can be placed. ...more

Sustainable Farming at its Finest: Pigs Fed on Marijuana Crop Left-Overs

image via BB Ranch The news made for catchy headlines:A New Take on Grass-Fed MeatWake-'N-BaconPigs Living the 'High' Life'Pot' Belly Pigs'High' on the Hog...more

The McBrownie: I'm Lovin' It

“There is no harm in repeating a good thing.”-- PlatoWell, Plato never got to see the cinematic classics Super Size Me or Reefer Madness.For the un-ordained, Super Size Me is an award-winning documentary chronicling one man’s 30-day consumption of food and beverage, sourced strictly from McDonald’s.  Not surprisingly, he gains weight, becomes irritable, and loses his libido.  He throws up a lot.  The conclusion: McDonald’s is the anti-Christ of food....more

Ground Control to Major Lee High

 Posted on February 25, 2012 by closetohell | ...more

A picture says a thousand words...

You guys... this was me. This was me in High School to be brutally honest. The bleach blonde hair, braces, MIDRIFF EXPOSED (SOUND THE ALARMS!!!), crazy Rastafarian hair. What the hell was THAT about? ...more

Gorillas, Swords and Marijuana Don't Mix

When I started as an officer in Small Town, I was quite naïve about the effects of illegal drug use. This quickly changed as I patrolled the streets.A few months into my career, while working the night shift with Sergeant Spears, we stopped at Shop & Go for a cup of coffee....more
@isthisthemiddle I do but I still get surprised!more