Freaky Friday

Happy Friday! Hope all is I would like to share a commercial that I wrote for the Tide-to-go Pen contest a  few years back.  I also star in the video and worked very hard on it so people like you could watch it over and over again, hopefully! It's a 30-sec. commercial and it's in black and white. I paid a lot of attention to detail, from props and costumes all the way to choosing how I wanted it edited. My acting coach always says,  PAY ATTENTION TO DETAIL....more

Marinara Sauce

My family's Marinara Sauce is made in 1 hr., from start to finish. Use fresh or freeze for up to 6 months.

My Easy-Piecey Marinara Sauce Recipe

I've always enjoyed marinara sauces. I love them in pasta, dips and as fillers in my tacos. Home-made marinara sauces are the best, too! That's because you know what exactly goes in your dish. With that, I'd like to share my low-sodium, low-calorie marinara sauce recipe. I hope you enjoy it!Nyomnyom!!...more

Pappardelle with Slow Cook Marinara Sauce and Turkey Meatballs

I also approve of this dish ;) It looks wonderful!more

Things a Monkey Could Cook: Spinach Manicotti and Stuffed Mushrooms

Well now that it’s truly spring, I advise you to soak in the fresh air, sunshine, and overall invigoration to be found at your local farmer’s market, where you’re also likely to find some really, really, really nice veggies this time of year....more

Things a Monkey Could Cook: Pizza Rolls and Salad

Now spring has finally sprung in most of the Northern Hemisphere, which means festivals and familiarity—which means party time, and around here that frequently also means pizza rolls, enhanced by a fresh green salad straight from the farmer’s market. ...more

Jamaican Pork Tenderloin

Last week when I made the pork tenderloin for St. Pat's Day I defrosted the whole package, which always includes 2 tenderloins. I browned them both off but wrapped the extra one in foil and put it in the freezer. Since I am trying to clean out the freezer to get ready for BBQ season it is time to bake it off. I will make another fav of ours only because I have all the ingredients on hand.I probably could have baked this pork with over a dozen sauces but I guess I was in the mood for something sweet and spicy so.............more