Spotlight on Memorial Day: Semper Fi, A Marine's Run

Looking to change up my exercise routine, I ran a race Sunday that honored those in the military. The real honor came at the end when I cheered for Yuyri Zmysly, a man who doctors said could forever be in a vegetative state....more

The 1st Amendment, Hate and Fred Phelps' Westboro Baptist Church

By now, you probably recognize some of those hateful messages from Fred Phelps and his Westboro Baptist Church. In 2006, Phelps and his followers displayed those lovely signs and more while picketing the funeral of fallen Marine Matthew Snyder. Yesterday, ruling on the lawsuit against Phelps and his church filed in response, the Supreme Court upheld the church's right to protest in an 8-1 decision. ...more

Jehovah's Witnesses instigated court decisions in 1942 which involved cursing a police officer ...more

The Waiting Game...

I could feel the excitement and anticipation all around.  There I was, at the center of some stage, staring blankly back at the multitude of people cheering me on and waiting in anticipation for what I would do next. The theme song blared through the speakers set up on either end of the stage, causing the audience to become even more excited by what they might witness.  Half way through the theme song, which just happened to be the Marine Corps Hymn, the host of the game show, along with his huge, welcoming smile, made his appearance on the stage next to me. ...more

The first Thanksgiving...

The first Thanksgiving...  Contrary to popular belief, the first Thanksgiving did not include turkey, pumpkin pie, or Indians.  Our modern celebration of the holiday creates a caricature of that particular gathering between the Pilgrims and Indians, but it wasn't really the first Thanksgiving.  (However, I will be eternally grateful for the modern translation of a holiday devoted to eating!)  ...more

Plastic May You R.I.P

When I was six years old I learned a very important lesson about ducks and six-pack plastic rings..     ...more