Enough of the Fighting, Already!

As a former revolutionary freedom fighter (ha! in my mind, maybe) I can be way rougher on my husband than I need to be. Or at least way rougher than some of my friends....more
1. Has fighting helped you feel closer to your spouse? ONLY, if that really led us to figure out ...more

Sensational Saturday - Go to Starbucks - Save Your Marriage

Sensational Saturday – it is sensational to escape your family at Starbucks....more

The Elf On The Shelf Is Back...And Causing Mischief For One Family

Dear Tazi: My husband is driving my crazy with his bathroom toilet seat antics! “Fred” has a bad habit of leaving the toilet seat and cover in the up position after use. I have told him that this is gross and unattractive for several reasons: it is unsanitary; it allows the dog to have a drink from his own private “wet bar”; and it tells people exactly what he was doing in there (#1 or #2) based upon the position of the seat. Fred just laughs off my reasoning. ...more