Brandied Cherries for Desserts and Cocktails

Face facts, people. It’s August. That means a few things. First, it’s going to be hotter than ever for the next few weeks, with everyone setting their sights on September and its (hopefully) cool, autumn relief. Second, it means that summer’s bounty of juicy fruits and fresh vegetables is coming to a close, so get ‘em while you can!...more

Watermelon -- Versatile Summer Market Food

My kids love summer fruit. Everything is rich in color, ripe and delicious, so I like to include it in every meal. Eating seasonally makes meal planning easier and healthier. When you center your meal around market fresh cooking, dishes lighten up and you never get bored....more

Summer Fruit Tart

Oh how I love all the beautiful, fresh fruit that reaches its prime in summer! From the luscious strawberries that mark the start of the season, to the flavorful peaches and blackberries that make the heat of July and August a bit more bearable, I adore them all! As delicious as fresh fruit is on its own, these summer sweet gems lend themselves so nicely to being transformed into beautiful desserts! ...more

Roasted Eggplant and Garlic Dip

Summer always brings back memories of my dad's garden. With a shovel in hand and sweat on his brow, he turned our fairly large backyard into a crop-producing farm. Rows and rows of plants would flaunt colorful peppers, shiny purple eggplants, bright green okra...the list goes on. As a child, I was less than enthusiastic to help till the earth and pull the weeds. Now as an adult, I can finally appreciate the hard work and immense effort it must have taken my dad to bring the bushels and bushels of fresh produce to our (and our neighbors') table....more
I love this. Bookmarking to make this weekend! Thanks for the helpful video.more