Small Changes to Twitter and Gmail Lead to Big Reactions Online

Two changes were made in Twitter and Gmail this week that rocked the online world as the sites either tried to quell problems before they surfaced or find balance between keeping their users in mind while still making things sweet for marketers.  In the case of Twitter, the changes were reversed quickly.  With Gmail, the changes look like they're going to stick.  Here's what you need to know about both situations before you plug in. ...more
In the current environment of information overload, sites sometimes don't have a lot of choice ...more

Why Cyber Tuesday Makes Sense!

What do you think about creating a Cyber Tuesday? In this article Web Success Team contributor Bob Speyer explains his reasons for adding another shopping day this holiday season.Thanksgiving is the biggest shopping weekend of the year fueled by Black Friday & Cyber Monday and now Grey Thursday. Everyone is gearing up to cherry pick the best deals on their wish lists. Marketers are salivating at the opportunity to promote their clients’ brands and the masses are willing to “benefit” from their largesse....more

How Strong Egos Can Lead to Productive Business Partnerships

Below is an article by Bob Speyer about strong egos and how they affect the business world....more

Setting Benchmarks to Prevent Scope Creep

Web Success Team contributors Robert Speyer and Justin Delos Reyes discuss scope creep and how to manage it. ...more

Are Facebook and Twitter Replacing the Need to Blog Among the Younger Generation?

An article by Bob Speyer about the changing online marketing world.Marketers need to adjust to the demands of the marketplace. Today’s younger generation are further distancing themselves from us older “geeks” by redefining how they look or view the world. One obvious example is the Social Revolution that began in Tunis, energized in Egypt and spread to the entire Arab world....more

Brands Leveraging Reach of Social Media Latinas

***Cross posted from*** This post was co-written with Ana Lilian Flores of SpanglishBaby. ...more

Web Success Team- It’s Not Just About Us!

I believe one of the most important pages on a website is the About Us page. It is often misunderstood and at best undervalued. Going against the grain, I propose this page is more about the reader and less about the company or person. Here’s my reasoning:...more

Marketers vs. Bloggers: Why We Need to Understand Each Other Better

Recently I read two posts that neatly illustrated just how much bloggers and marketers don't get about each other. One was written by and for marketers in an effort to help marketers better understand bloggers: how we think, how to approach us and how to market to social media communities. The other was written by bloggers to explain how marketers are getting their approaches to bloggers and social media communities wrong and how marketers could do better. ...more

That's a really important reminder, Annie. You haven't truly lived as a marketer until you've ...more

Are Mommybloggers Misunderstanding the Marketing Game?

As traditional publishing continues to experience lay-offs and lower ad revenue, the mommyblogger demographic has grown and flexed its opinion-leader muscles, as evidenced by the recent Mom 2.0 conference. People who weren't paying attention to us as writers a few years ago are scrutinizing us now. In fact, it seems we have our own Forrester report. ...more

After reading this conversation and the one started by more