Marketing for Introverts: 5 Tips

Pamela JaneAn Incredible Talent for Existing: A Writer's Story (memoir and blog) My friend Debbie teases me about the stacks of self-help books I’ve collected over the years. I admit that many of them have proved to be less than helpful, but for me finding one new book to add to my self-help library – one that changes the way I think and see myself and the world – is worth the search....more

How to Market your Independent Film

How to Market your Independent FilmCongratulations on your independent film!  You found your cast, crew and script is printed.  When does marketing for your film begin and how?Here are a few tips on marketing your independent film....more

Social media strategies to achieve success in 2016

Every business initiates by defining their vision and mission. It is a goal set by the organisation which they aim to make. To accomplish their objective, they lay out a mix of strategies; strategies are very critical as they are designed to support the vision and mission. One of the strategies of business includes marketing. Nowadays there are arrays of mediums available for marketing, and one such is social media. ...more

Know Your Enemies: Why It’s A Good Idea To Track Your Competitors on Social Media

Some researchers say that social media is making us a little narcissistic. It is true that we all – even brands – spend a lot of time counting likes and followers and retweets. But if you really want to connect with social users, create effective marketing strategies, and fill in service gaps you’ve got to know what your audience is saying about your competitors, too.Monitor – but don’t get trapped in negativity...more

Marketing Wars: Content Recommendations vs. GoogleAds vs. Affiliates

Online marketing has birthed a variety of options for those looking to extend their reach – banner ads, affiliate marketing, and content recommendations. But how effective are these strategies in grabbing consumers' attention? Let's take a look at some pros and cons of each.Is the reign of Google AdWords ending?Google AdWords is 15 years old. Yes, in Internet years that’s ancient. But even at 15 it remains one of the most widely used online advertising strategies today....more

Google Says Duplicate Content Not So Bad Anymore

by Mary LongGoogle updates its guidelines all the time, making slight but significant changes to what your website needs to do to claim that all-too-valuable real estate on the first page. Are you aware of changes made with Phantom Update III?...more

3 Things Bloggers Can Learn From YouTube Celebrities

YouTube stars are the biggest celebrities on the internet. Next to them, we have other internet stars, including Bloggers like you and me....more

9 Keeping it Real Tips For Face-to-Face Meetings

1. Everyone likes to talk about themselves. Introduce yourself a little and ask everyone about themselves. Use your discretion of course but here are some examples: Are you originally from this area? How did you get in this field? Where did you previously work?2. Approach with a helping hand. Offer possible solutions but be sure to back that up with information of how to put a productive plan into action. Be prepared to personally assist....more

DO’s and DON’Ts When Boosting your Business in Social Media

This Monday I attended the CEO Boot Camp - @OPENForum - I really loved the social media panels and the messages they shared with all of us....more

Is Your Marketing Org an Insights Machine?

Whenever I entered into a new organization, I would deliberately pull other team members aside and ask them what they thought about marketing. Depending on the size of the organization, this could be a very vague question. Larger organizations have more marketing functions like product marketing, corporate marketing, field marketing, etc. but I purposely didn’t specify – all I asked was what their opinion of marketing was as a whole. It was my way of getting a pulse on the state of affairs and impact being delivered....more