When content or product recommendations miss the mark, they can go from valuable to annoying in less time than it takes to X them out.Although social networks, native networks and marketers know that relevant recommendations are important, most have yet to master the art. And when recommendations are sloppy and don’t work, they deflate the interests of consumers, and can even offend them. ...more


 We live in an ad, ad world. Without them, there'd be no television or radio, no social media – or we'd have to pay a lot more for such things. According to Revcontent, "86% of consumers say they feel ads are necessary to get free content online". And while that's true for the most part, that doesn't give marketers carte blanche to annoy the daylights out of them. Here are four strategies to make consumers happy to see your ads: ...more

Eliminate the Guesswork with Behavioral Targeting for Your Marketing Campaigns

When I open my Facebook profile, the right hand side always has ads that are related to my “Likes”. For example, if I “Like” vitamin B12, ads for vitamins and supplements appear. Along with these ads I also get shown my friends choices and “Likes”. This type of marketing is known as Behavioral Targeting and has already started to sweep the nation....more

Integrating Social Media into Your Email Marketing Campaign

Web Success Team contributor Justin Delos Reyes discuss the best ways to incorporate social media into your email marketing campaign.  ...more

Guidelines for Creating an Effective Mobile Website

Web Success Team contributor Justin Delos Reyes discusses guidelines for creating an effective mobile website. ...more

Drafting Your Company’s Social Media Policy

Web Success Team contributor Justin Delos Reyes discuss the importance of drafting a social media policy for your company. ...more

The Scent of Sales- Should Fragrance Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy?

Many people have a favorite fragrance and your favorite small business may have an aroma too!  Fragrance as a marketing strategy for small business is a growing trend.  Some business owners are finding ways to connect with consumers and build brand awareness by appealing to customer's noses! Did you know Omni hotels are perfumed with a mix of green tea and lemongrass? It is one example of the way scents are playing a bigger role in today's business climate.  Studies have shown that a scented environment leads consumers to stay longer and spend more. ...more

Brand Building Around the 5 Senses

Looking to create a unique business brand that will represent what your business stands for? Well look no further than the five senses. With your brand in mind start thinking about what will best exemplify your business. Is it the smell of fresh grass, the color green and a circle? Or is it the smell of lavender, the sound of the ocean and the feel of teddy bears? ...more