In the company of Women

In the company of women I feel stronger. There is just something about spending time with women that brings me back to both a healing and invigorating place. I don’t mean to sound as if I’m flying out there in la, la, land but women hold some incredible power and despite how much we talk about this power, I still don’t think we fully celebrate it. That strong, nurturing, knowledgeable, intuitive and creative force is something to admire and it may be now, more than ever, that we are dialing up the energy. ...more

2 quick questions to determine if your business is female-friendly

Is your business female-friendly? How would you know? I've been spending the last couple weeks visiting stores that are almost 100% owned and operated by men. It is very clear to me that their sales would skyrocket if they only listened to their customer and took into consideration that the majority of purchasers are women. Here are 2 quick questions to determine whether you are in sync with your female customers: ...more

Is the Auto Industry a Woman's Nation?

Equal pay, equal housework, and more government obligations to women workers were all on the table at Monday's Center for American Progress conference I attended on live blogger podcast through California First Lady Maria Shriver's report on women in the workforce and the launch of her A Women's Nation website at www.awomans...more

Sarah Haskins: Teaching Advertisers How NOT To Talk to Women

She talks gender, stereotypes, and she does it with snark... Sarah Haskins hosts "Target Women" on InfoMania at Current TV. She and I had a few minutes today to talk about advertisers, women, and the disconnect between the two: ...more

Awesome interview, Erin, and thank you so much for including my quote, you (and Sarah!) made my ...more

BlogHers on Marketing to Women

Big national companies with high-profile campaigns for women around calories, shopping, cooking, and -- ooh, look, sparkly things! Is this current-day business news or a cast-off script from "Mad Men?" BlogHers are sitting up and taking notice, with a flurry of recent posts about the good, the bad, and the not-so-sparkly: From Suzanne Reisman • The case of the vanishing misogynist Bacardi Breezer ad campaign ...more

The Battle of the Bikini Line

We're less than three weeks away from the official start of dreaded bathing suit season - er, I mean, summer - which means it is that time of the year that the front in the war against body hair moves a bit higher up on the leg to the Bikini Line. The Bikini Line is not unlike the Maginot Line in that the enemy is going to find a way around it, and new tools of defense are constantly being introduced for those who refuse to surrender and just buy board shorts. ...more

I'm all about shaving my vagoo. I think it's gross when it's unshaved, and REALLY itchy. ...more

Take time to learn, grow and expand your mind.

You are pretty familiar with your comfort zone. Your industry, your hobbies, your kids, your neighborhood. And you should be. That's easy. But what have you done lately to expand your mind, your knowledge? How have you challenged yourself? ...more

The big business of selling to women: what has it done for us lately?

In light of Dell’s recent “Della” disaster, I’ve been thinking anew of the big, big business of marketing to women. We’re so inundated with product pitches, especially as bloggers, sometimes it’s helpful to take a step back and think, “What has all this done for me lately”? ...more

It seems only logical to me that any business wanting to expand it's market share would look ...more

The New Chocolate Finger of Pleasure

Last May, my husband's boss asked him to move to London to open a new office. If he accepted this mission, we'd be there for four years. The potential move sparked mixed emotions in me. Although I've lived away from my family for the past 14 years, it is pretty easy to hop on a plane from New York to Chicago for a visit. From London, that's a much bigger journey. Leaving all my friends behind also pained me. On the other hand, I love London, and always wanted to live there for a spell. There are many reasons for this, but I fess up that one of them is how much I love British chocolate. I feared moving there and gained 100 pounds from all the candy bars I'd cram down my lonely gullet. ...more

You'll love my post on bikini waxing ...more

Big Aaargh! for Dell's Della

The New York Times reported (in the technology section, not the style section) that Dell Computer opened a new area of their website aimed at women in What Do Women Want in a Laptop?. Dell calls the new section Della. If you go there now to take at look at it, you won't see what was originally there. ...more

Hi Virginia,
    Long time reader. I stumbled across this Jill Bolte video, thought you'd ...more