The Special Sauce

Our goal at The Brickell Media Group, LLC is to shed some light on the science behind how to connect with the right buyers at the right times more often. We’ve nicknamed it our “Special Sauce” that best describes what we do differently here at BMG. In additional to a multitude of other elements, using the element of science and proven human behavior to your advantage can be the singular choice that defines if you connect and close or just leave another voice message. ...more

Do I even know what I am doing?

Hi, I feel I may have deceived you a bit because I really have no clue what I am doing now. No, seriously its great that XYZ company wants to send me clothes to take pictures of and blog about. Yes, its fabulous I am now on the media list for the other XYZ company. Honestly, I still just tweet what I like to tweet about, what I find relavent to me. My blog posts are the most bland items since vanilla was found to be so common. ...more

Social Media Lessons Learned from the Avon Lady!

As entrepreneurs, we are relentlessly faced with selling our business to keep ahead of the curve. It feels like you are eternally pushing a giant stone up a hill. How do you convince a prospect to purchase your products rather than your competitors?As I was reviewing our social sales reports, I suddenly remembered “The Avon Lady”!...more

How to Create a Tumblr Account for Your Business in 3 Easy Steps

Welcome to Tumblr, the extremely popular microblogging site where the pronunciation of "gif" is debated multiple times a day and there is a meme for every occasion! When small businesses first get on the social media train, the outlets that always seem to take formation precedence are Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.  But if you have enough time to tackle on more platforms, why not tap into every social media outlet that applies to you?...more

The Rise and Fall of Flappy Bird--The Power of Word-of-Mouth Marketing

After 50 million mobile downloads, Dong Nguyen, the seemingly shy inventor of the Flappy Bird app said, “I cannot take this anymore.” After a Twitter announcement, he removed the game from app stores over the weekend. I have to admit I only heard of Flappy Bird two weeks ago and was thinking it had to be created by “Angry Bird” programmers. I mean how else could an application become so popular, so quickly? Simple, it’s the thing that every PR practioner wishes would happen with their story, word-of-mouth marketing (WOMM)....more

Where Are Millennials? Music Festivals

Everyone still isn’t quite sure just who the Millennial generation is. Millennials aren’t even sure who they are. Seriously, when did ‘Millennial’ become a word? (Is it Generation X or Y…It’s confusing so I digress.) Companies are paying big bucks to figure this out and then target this dynamically complex market. Yes, they are ‘hipsters’ and social media addicts, but they are also a generation of 86 million consumers....more

Key things of Blog Marketing

It has been a while I did not post anything. But more than the sense of guilt there has been some new thoughts which got me here. Honestly speaking the entire gamut of Social Media gets so claustrophobic sometimes with overload of information that one just needs to pull the plug. I did the same too. But it is an addiction and I believe a healthy one,especially when infotainment takes over flipping silly fashion magazines and meaningless socializing....more

Banksy in Central Park: Case Studies in Marketing 101 for Artists

Last week, Banksy sold his prints on the streets of New York City for $60 a pop. He sold eight.A Banksy regularly sells for six figures at auction. So what gives? ...more
Interesting article. I am an artist and making a living producing a "product" that is subjective ...more

4 BIG Marketing Lessons from Procter & Gamble

In the early 1980s I worked at the Young & Rubicam Advertising Agency in Latin America and one of my clients was a P&G brand. I was very new in the advertising field and I didn’t have much marketing savvy. As part of my training, I was invited to take a course at the P&G headquarters. Not only did I learn a few basics to assist me with my new job, but what I learned changed the whole way I approached a creative and marketing strategy....more

Your Elevator Pitch is Your Mantra

We’ve all heard the phrase, “keep it simple.” Many people know it better as the KISS principle. This is a guideline which many sales people have successfully used for years to keep their product in focus. Simplicity is one of most important words we can harness....more