Is It Tougher to Build a Business as a Woman?

I am lucky to have had and still have a very healthy and successful career as a woman in the marketing arena. I have worked internationally - including starting in the UK my homeland - and for many fascinating companies. I believe that one of the things that has kept me in the game is a very strong spirit and a disinclination to think of myself as a woman in business. However, now that I am in the throws of getting a new marketing to women company off the ground - - I have to ask myself whether it would be easier if I were a guy. ...more

Stephanie Fierman On DVDs And Diapers (or, Why Do Businesses Not Understand Women, Part 2)

In August, I wrote a post titled “Stephanie Fierman On Beer And Blahniks.” (or, Why Do Businesses Not Understand Women, Part 1).  The upshot of the post is that Guinness planned to launch a beer “for women” that was essentially a watered-down version of their existing product.   The head of marketing at Guinness said that he wanted women to love this new watery be ...more

...There's more to the Best Buy layout that ridiculous shopping carts. I, for one, think the ...more

So You Want to be a WAHM: Get Your Family on Your Side

Continuing in my chronicles of trying to develop a work-at-home lifestyle in preparation for retirement, I’m going to address the issue of “getting your family on-board” and used to the idea that the dining room table is no longer for dining.  It has now become my “staging area.” ...more

Customer Service is the New Marketing: Interview with Lane Becker

We’ve been talking a bit about branding and customer service - about how they are inter-related and can impact your overall business.  In this interview with Lane Becker, co-founder of Get Satisfaction, he discusses customer service as the new marketing with interviewer Joshua-Michele Ross from O’Reilly... ...more

Advantages and Disadvantages of Working At Home ~ Points to Consider If You’re Thinking of Leaving the Traditional Workforce

If you’re one of my Twitter followers, you’ve probably seen my posts lately that my daughter went back to work since having her second child this past August. ...more

Your customers want your brand as a friend

Cone, Omnicom Group’s strategy arm, released some data from a recent survey measuring brand trust.  This research claims that 93% of the 1092 Americans surveyed thought that companies should have a corporate presence on social media. It went further, citing 85% of those surveyed being open to interaction with companies within social media.   (read more on Your customers want your brand as a friend on ...more

Branding is Branding, Offline or Online

Many of our clients get very concerned about what they should do for online branding. I don’t think online branding and offline branding should be treated as different types of branding. Here’s why… (Read More on Branding is Branding, Offline or Online on ...more

How-To Tips for Incorporating Twitter into Your Daily Business Routine

If you aren’t yet on Twitter, you should be. ...more

How to Get Your Brand Noticed

Jeremiah Owyang has a post on his blog worth a read - How to Get Noticed - about how to get yourself (and your work) noticed both online and offline.  I’d like to expand upon Jeremiah’s ideas and add a few how-tos to his list to expand it for business use.... (Read More on How to Get Your Brand Noticed on ...more