Marketing 101. Chapter 4: Marketing Research

Market research and marketing research are two functions that help in the development of business and marketing plans. ...more

Marketing 101. Chapter 3: The Marketing Mix and the Four Ps

One of the core fundamentals of marketing is the marketing mix also known as the "four Ps." The marketing mix is used to determine your target market and to guide development of your strategic marketing plan. While additional elements have been added and the original ones renamed by those trying to make their stamp and in efforts to update the model for new markets and means of marketing, the classic framework has proven durable and still useful. ...more

Great information. I believe you hit the nail on the head on the "Target Market". No matter ...more

Management Tips for Small Businesses

As an entrepreneur, do you get a little confused when people start interviewing you on “business management”? Not surprising, since it’s probably based on the belief that the word “management” is more suited to big business and multinational conglomerates. From one perspective that might be true, but from the perspective that you want your business to grow, thrive and be successful, then it is the wrong approach....more

Do What U Love


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I am so happy you have found something you love and are doing in regularly!

I'm at ...more

Twitter and the Mardi Gras Effect

Givin It Up: Twitter and the Mardi Gras EffectWhen I blogged on Mardi Gras that I was contemplating giving up sex for Lent (for the second year in a row), I had no idea the prospect would be met with such keen interest....more

Marketing 101. Chapter 2: Setting Goals

Businesses are concerned with making a profit. Very simplified, profit is what you make when your revenue or income exceeds your expenses. When expenses exceed your revenue, you have a loss. These elements are tracked through a profit and loss (or P&L) statement. Thus there are two ways to make or increase a profit: either bring in more money or spend less. This is often referred to as either top-line or bottom-line growth. Marketing helps you grow your top-line and can be used to manage some bottom-line expenses. ...more

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There’s a new marketing tool in town you should know about. It’s in Beta testing but it is not only free but produces mountains of great marketing information to help you improve your website....more

Super Ad Sunday (And A Football Game)

As has been true for the past few years, the football was more interesting than the commercials during this year's Super Bowl. Nevertheless, I, like many, sat down eager to watch both the game and the ads. ...more

The only chatter about that ad I've seen is in some of the advertising industry analysis and ...more