3 Simple Online Errors Killing Your Business

With all the challenges your business already faces - competitors in your field, changing marketplaces, etc. – the last thing you want is to fail over something simple and solvable.Here are a few online errors to avoid – or fix, as the case may be:BIG NO-NO #1: NOT HAVING SOCIAL CUSTOMER SERVICEIn 2016 you’re more likely to get praise and complaints via Twitter or Facebook than a webform or phone call – and it's the complaints you especially have to worry about....more

What Entertainment Brands Need To Know About Security

It’s terrifying, but there’s no way to guarantee the security of your data – total immunity is impossible. But protecting customer data is a huge responsibility, so you have to try – your users won’t forgive you if you don’t. ​...more

Social Media Marketing For Small Businesses In 30 Minutes A Day

Effectively running a social media campaign and ongoing presence is important - and even imperative - for your small business to be successful. It can also seem very time-consuming....more

Business Webinars

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Honest Marketing :: The Key to Connect, Resonate & Convert

My client N. came to me feeling “at the end of the rope” with her biz.After just ONE session, she had her second best day in sales and opportunities popping up left, right and center.What could have changed in just one session? We haven’t even gotten to the “strategies and tactics” piece yet.It’s how she SHOWS UP when executing her strategies and tactics that made all the difference in the world.It’s not only what comes out of her mouth, but HOW it comes out....more

Get Your Customers to Fall Back in Love with YOU!

Welcome, February! Love is in the air with Valentine's Day fast approaching. February is a great month to reach out and reconnect with your customers, clients or engage with your leads or referrals without feeling salesy or spammy. Below are tips to help you keep your customers falling in love with you over and over. Show the Love Tips...more

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough!

Ain’t no mountain high enough.Ain’t no valley low enough.Ain’t no river wide enough to keep me from getting to you, baby....more

Review: Primer by Google (Free Marketing App)

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