Skills To Complement Your Writing

All the best writers I know are lifelong learners, thirsty for knowledge and constantly updating their writing skills. They’re also constantly expanding and consolidating their skill sets: adding new skills that are related to, and complementary to, their writing. Here are a few skills that writers need in their daily tasks, and can often use to expand their business and find new freelance opportunities.Today I'm blogging about the skill set we need to develop to succeed as writers, including editing, marketing, self publishing, SEO and even photography....more

The Business of Blogging: Why Do You Blog?

We now know and are very sure that combining in person relationship building with web, online and social media relationship building is the best way to secure your reputation, authority and reach. Blending the two worlds we now live, work and play in is not only essential but just plain smart. ...more
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Learn Three (Or More) Ways to Use PowerPoint That You Have Not Thought Of - GUARANTEED (with video)

Eyes glaze over when I start talking about how I use PowerPoint for more than just slides. In the video below, I've compiled about a dozen examples of my favorite uses for this wonderful software that gets such a bum rap. At the end of the video, you'll see links to some tutorials. I'm absolutely positive that you're going to go "Ahhhh. Now why didn't I think of that?"...more

Writing Intel

Every writer has resources to help their business intel stay current. Some of the easiest and quickest are writer forums that include agents, publishers, editors and writers and those that list current jobs available for freelancers.Taking control of your personal destiny in the business can be both rewarding and empowering. There are ample workshops and courses available to help new freelance writers. The initiative, however, has to come from within the writer. This industry doesn't allow for free rides....more

Better Marketing & Branding Tips: 10 Ways How To Screw Yourself in the Foot at Events

Truth be told, I go to a lot of conferences and events throughout the year and have been a regular attendee atSXSW (South-by-Southwest Festival) for about a decade. One of my favorite things to do at conferences is observe what vendors do well (rarely are my socks knocked off) and of course, where they make obvious marketing faux pas (more often than not)....more
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Important Blogging Terms

When I started my first blog, the Internet was a different world—because back in the early 2000s, when you told someone you were blogging, it wasn’t without a little embarrassment. Yet today, blogs have exploded from the quiet realm of online diaries into the powerful force of respected websites....more

What Is the Difference between Marketing and PR?

As a writer for a Chicago marketing company, I’ve seen that many people use the terms public relations and marketing interchangeably, but the truth is, they are not the same thing. What exactly are they? How are they different? And, most importantly, which one should your business be using? Quick Definitions Marketing: The process of promoting, selling or distributing a product or service; the work of moving goods from producer to purchaser ...more
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Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake” Power Over Your Life 3-11-12

Meetings with women are stimulating and useful; concentrating on organization, practical imagination and efficiency.Opposing Energies: manipulative, willful, struggleMaster your business relationships with realistic marketing and prudent budgeting, rather than over-spending.Wide Awake Words™ for today: personal mastery, cooperation, confidenceBeing a good manager of money and having an internal spiritual barometer to handle issues fares you well today; rather than changing outside circumstances....more

New Marketing Strategies with Facebook Timeline

Another Year, Another ChangeIn typical Facebook fashion, another year brings another change. Last year we moved from FBML to iFrame "apps" to create welcome landing tabs, many of which were a "gate" to keep new visitors out until they clicked the "like" button.This year we are saying goodbye to landing tabs and saying hello to the Facebook Timeline for our pages.Cover Image:...more
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Having Your Cake But Eating the Frosting

Whether a hobbyist or a pro, a writer has personal demands that seldom pause for breath.Case in point: If the writer is one whose mind is constantly churning out ideas for new projects, the writer cannot stop herself from putting those ideas down on paper or on the computer.Flip side: If the writer comes up against the wall of blocked ideas, she cannot stop thinking about the fact that she's blocked and without any new ideas to work on.See what I mean? Constant demand for attention from the mind. Why?...more