Market to Your Strengths

Recently at an entrepreneur camp for high school students, I worked with several teams in preparing a 3 minute pitch to sell their inventions and innovations to a panel of professionals....more

Build A Sign For Yourself

In this age of going into business for yourself, where marketing, branding and advertising fall squarely on your shoulders, in addition to making and selling a good product or service, we all need a little help. Which is why when Build A Sign contacted me, I jumped at the chance. Then I realized that I’m an internet entity, and a tiny one at that. A sign won’t really help me, will it? I perused my numerous options. A banner? Where would I put it? A sign? Magnets? Bumper stickers? Would any of this really help?...more

5 Essential Topics for a Winning Sales Proposal

A sales proposal is your persuasive argument as to why the client must choose you now to solve their problem.  Proposals need to be positively articulated with a sense of urgency and demonstrate how the client wins....more

Know Your Numbers

Every action you take as an entrepreneur ties back into your brand and your strategy. So, how do you know if you're being effective? How do you know if your business is viable? Profitable? Headed for the landfill? You do this via metrics and knowing your numbers. ...more
@paulag01 You're welcome! Good piece!more

Bulls-eye! Or defining my target market

I just read a blog post from The Mogul Mom (, about defining one’s target market.  I’ve had a lot of trouble doing this and I haven’t found the help I need in other marketing advice.  I’d just about given up.  Still, I dutifully opened the email and started reading....more

Color Psychology, Part 2: The Secret Power of Color

Working Up to Brand ColorWhen I work with a new client to brand or re-brand their company, I always discuss color FIRST. Why? Because the first logo draft I provide my clients is always black and white. So, in reality, I end up explaining the power of color long before color choices are made.I do this for two really good reasons:...more

Skills To Complement Your Writing

All the best writers I know are lifelong learners, thirsty for knowledge and constantly updating their writing skills. They’re also constantly expanding and consolidating their skill sets: adding new skills that are related to, and complementary to, their writing. Here are a few skills that writers need in their daily tasks, and can often use to expand their business and find new freelance opportunities.Today I'm blogging about the skill set we need to develop to succeed as writers, including editing, marketing, self publishing, SEO and even photography....more

The Business of Blogging: Why Do You Blog?

We now know and are very sure that combining in person relationship building with web, online and social media relationship building is the best way to secure your reputation, authority and reach. Blending the two worlds we now live, work and play in is not only essential but just plain smart. ...more
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Learn Three (Or More) Ways to Use PowerPoint That You Have Not Thought Of - GUARANTEED (with video)

Eyes glaze over when I start talking about how I use PowerPoint for more than just slides. In the video below, I've compiled about a dozen examples of my favorite uses for this wonderful software that gets such a bum rap. At the end of the video, you'll see links to some tutorials. I'm absolutely positive that you're going to go "Ahhhh. Now why didn't I think of that?"...more

Writing Intel

Every writer has resources to help their business intel stay current. Some of the easiest and quickest are writer forums that include agents, publishers, editors and writers and those that list current jobs available for freelancers.Taking control of your personal destiny in the business can be both rewarding and empowering. There are ample workshops and courses available to help new freelance writers. The initiative, however, has to come from within the writer. This industry doesn't allow for free rides....more