Markets set to improve with Pacific women in the lead

UN Women is working with women market vendors in Fiji, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu to improve their working conditions, earning power and leadership skills. ...more

London Antique Markets: A Shopping Guide

There’s so much more to London than Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and Pippa Middleton. The numerous antique and vintage markets that sprawl across the city have made London a design aficionado's hunting ground for fabulous vintage and antique finds. From Portobello to Brick Lane, Simplifying Fabulous! contributor Brittny Drye shares her rounds-up of London's best antique markets: ...more

Market Day in Umbria: Aroma Cucina

I'll show you mine if you show me yours!  What's in your local market these days? Check out ours. ...more

Modern Tapas, yes! Shopping, no - Santa Caterina Market in Barcelona

I'm sure you've heard of the incredible markets in Europe. You've heard about the eccentric fish mongers, the ceilings covered with cured meats and the fruit picked freshly from nearby farms. In reality, while some markets are remarkable culinary gems, many are equally forgettable....more

Going to BlogHer Food? Check out CityMama's "Off the Beaten Track" San Francisco Food Guides!

In just a few days, food BlogHers from all over the world will be descending on San Francisco for the first annual BlogHer Food Conference. Held at the St. Regis hotel, the conference will feature three tracks: Visual, Vocational, and Values, and a veritable Who's-Who of food bloggers will be leading the sessions. ...more

Can't wait to see the restaurant recommendations too.  Hope you will come back and add ...more

Foodie shopping destinations during BlogHer Food 2009

If you’re traveling to San Francisco for BlogHer Food 2009, you might want to leave a little extra room in your suitcase. Not only is this a city of great eating and drinking, this is a terrific city for culinary shopping and tourism. ...more

Gudrun, some of these places were totally new to me, too, and yeah...there are some field ...more

Thanks for checking on me, Internet

This conversation came to me this morning at 4:45am. A little odd, as I have never had a conversation with the Internet before, much less alone, while in bed. So I thought I would share, just in the off chance that someone who majored in Dream Analysis and Interpretation would want to share back..... Internet: "Hey Sadie, how are you today?" Me: "I am well, thank you for asking. And how are you today, Internet?" Internet: "We are well, thank you." ...more

Top 10 Hot Weather Culinary Life Savers

It’s a hot and humid Saturday afternoon in San Diego and I can’t bear the idea of turning on the oven or even the stovetop burners. I don’t even want to grill. I don’t want to be near anything over 78 degrees. This time of year is pretty much about having things around that satisfy hunger without requiring sweat-provoking activities like sautéing, roasting or boiling. I have some favorite cooling foods—some that I’ve found at the markets and some that are easy to prepare and are mostly about fruits and ...more

A Christmas Tradition - Gluehwein

Growing up around German Christmas Markets, a special drink named Gluehwein was a stable and widely available. During these cold winter days, a cup of this hot drink, warmed hands and insides. Here is an easy to follow recipe, so that you can enjoy Gluehwein yourself! ...more