A Football Widow's Rant

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Oh Come All Ye Old Faithful Suckers

On a recent three day road trip to northern California our wallets were gouged by near $6 a gallon gas prices, fainting goats on strike and a spitting steam valve purported to be the “Old Faithful” geyser.With a Cliff notes itinerary and travel time a premium, our rental car quickly filled with irritated banter when my husband altered our plans. He turned at a hand-scrawled wood sign: Old Faithful, 13 miles.“Old Faithful is a national treasure,” he said. “Seems silly not to go. Calistoga is a few minutes out of the way.”...more

In Sickness, Health, And The Moments I Want To Punch You In The Junk: Honest Wedding Vows

 Paul and I went with traditional wedding vows. Whatever was included in the $60 package at the Little White Wedding Chapel in Vegas worked fine for us. I think it's impressive when people have sweet, sentimental, personally written vows. Either way I call bullshit though....more

Who's the happiest one at a Wedding?

Nobody has more reason to enjoy a wedding than Sylvia Weinstock, at 84 still personally delivering cakes that cost thousands, even tens of thousands. Among her clients have been Michael Douglas, Mariah Carey, the Saudi royal family and Donald Trump, whose loyalty card surely has enough punches to qualify him for a freebie....more

What it's Like to be Married to My Wife

Lately, I've been more scatterbrained, and while I can usually keep it all on the DL, I've been messin' up and my husband is noticing. By that, I mean, I've been laughing at myself a lot this week. I thought, why not have him tell you what it's like to be married to me, just this week. I have to say, I crack up when we're with friends talking and the subject of my "supreme organizational skills" comes up. I leave you in his hands....more
ThatGirlShelley He didn't even mention mail, which I am totally surprised about. I never open ...more

The Joy In Every Wedding

When you see true joy, you can feel it.Sometimes it is in a child's gushing laugh during some wondrous adventure.  Sometimes in an airport on a stranger's face as they race to embrace their soldier husband or wife.  Mom or Dad.It is palpable.  It changes something in the air around you.It's wedding season.  You are going to hear lots of wedding stories.  Some funny.  Some poignant or moving.We visited 2 friends last weekend.  They have been together 24 years.  Same as me and my husband....more

How My Inner Freak & Feminist Learned to Get Along

My partner and I have been together for 6 years now and I have been actively suppressing my sexuality for about as long. Let me explain. In my single, sexy, and free days of college, I kept my feelings about sex light and carefree. I did it when I wanted to and with whom I wanted to. I liked it that way. I never believed sex was inherently intimate or emotional. Some called me fast, I called me fun....more
@IluminatiNYC _chunk_ Hi! Can you expand? I personally don't think that bedroom behavior and ...more

The Fall of Marriage: True or False

Marriage is a dying enterprise these days, it's so bad we can probably say it's an archaic and has fallen in disuse. It's not what it used to be,  is a huge understatement!Young people when faced with solo the idea, rush to break a very loud sound  as they say WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?Marriage has become the appetizer no one wants to eat, the one that is constantly passed around during the party and gets  the  "No, thanks"  so many times,  it's not even  funny.Why?...more

Let's Talk About Sex After Thirty Years

First thing first, I've been in a long lasting comitted relationship for thirty years.  That said, let's move forward to the fact that I've only had sex with that same guy.  No point of comparison for me,  which makes me no guru on this subject whatsoever.  However,  if you can take into account that I have multiple orgasms with my one and only things aren't too bad, don't you think?These points are my disclosure notice, for all of you out there that want to get under my skin after reading this post.  ...more
Dr E Thank you for sharing a comment and taking time to read my post.  I pointed out the ...more

How To Keep A Husband Happy