Save Your Best Words for Your Spouse

Why is it that sometimes we feel like it is okay to let loose on our spouse who is walking beside us through life, in the one place on earth that they should feel comfortable and safe – our home?...more

3 1/2 years and 2 days

Paul and I have now been married 3 1/2 years and 2 days.  A weird thing to point out, I understand.  Only yesterday while I was driving to work something occurred to me.  We have officially been married longer than my ex and I were when we broke up.  ...more

Gentlemen, Build Your Kingdoms Now

Gentlemen, build your kingdoms now. Don't wait until it's too late. Begin.Build your future as the king of your life and your family. A future surrounded by loved ones who want the best for you, enjoy your company, and turn to you for wise counsel. Build it for a future beyond this lifetime where all those you loved, serviced, and cared for mourn your memory, your spirit, your wisdom.Build your kingdoms now....more

6 Things You'll Think About After Your Spouse Has an Affair

Putting your marriage first and working your way through your spouse's affair will likely be the hardest thing you'll ever do. It's not easy to put something that tragic behind you and try to work on your future with the effects of the affair weighing on your shoulders and bombarding your every thought. I'd know....more
I agree this is very brave of you to blog about and I'm going to offer another point of view on ...more

10 Awesome Things About Being Married You May Not Have Thought Of

1 // Someone to clean the cat litter2 // Someone to do the chores you hate doing3 // Someone to pick up milk on the way home because you don’t want to go out4 // Someone to help you carry the heavy bags to the car5 // Someone to warm your feet on at night6 // Someone to mow the grass7 //  Someone to watch the cart while you try on clothes8 //  Someone to stand in the cold and gas up the car9 // Someone to kill spiders and other creepy-crawlers in the house10 // Someone to drive in crappy weather...more

Your Darkest Hour

It's probably one in the morning.  But I don't want to look at my phone because if it is 1am it will just remind me that I'm still awake and not sleeping.  My mind is on. My heart pounds quickly. "I just want to sleep" I think to myself as my husband sleeps soundly.  How? How can I sleep when there is always a constant movement of worry and anxiety in my mind.  An endless to do list that never goes away and somehow never gets done....more


Hola mi gente!! It’s been very busy for me these past few weeks but I’m back and serving up the latest life’s tea. As you may already know, I love beautiful, lavish things. Life is about making the most of what you have and sometimes what we have- isn’t that much. When it comes to getting married, this can be especially true. People, often, take on  tremendous debt to become husband and wife and it’s not necessary. Mr.Negro With Tumbao and I took the budgetistas approach to planning our wedding....more
Trying to find great locations without a lot of planning can definitely be a challenge but ...more

Amor Sin Limites

“You’re rulin’ the way that I move and I breathe your air. You, only, can rescue me. This is my prayer. If you were mine…if you were mine, I wouldn’t want to go to heaven…”...more

10 Tips for Staying Connected with Your Husband

For most families, life is starting to get crazy.  If you have children from preschool through high school, you're probably feeling inundated with school project projects, sports, recitals, and end-of-the-year activities.  Even if you don't have school-age children, you know that many activities - work, church, community and volunteer - swing into high gear in the spring....more
nursemommylaughs Thanks so much! I hope that a couple of the ideas will work for you.more