Modern Views on Young Marriage

This post by Ashleigh Elizabeth was originally published at Her Happy Heart...more

Getting Married On a Holiday: Is It a Good Idea?

Planning the perfect date for your wedding is one of the first challenging things you’ll need to do in your wedding plans. There are some dates on the calendar that stand out because they are holidays....more

How I'm letting go of Perfection

How I’m letting go of Perfection I just had a birthday last week and there is one new resolution I made for myself and that is to let go of perfection.  I’ve gotten so fed up with myself and, how I’ve been living to be a “perfect” wife, a “perfect” mom, and  a “perfect” friend.  Every day I fail at being “perfect” so every day ends with a feeling of disappointment because, I failed in one of those categories....more

To My Husband on Father's Day

We are a case study of opposites attracting. He’s a headstrong doer, I’m a heartstrong be-er. He takes conflict with his daily coffee, whereas I will go to the end of the world to avoid hurt feelings. He’s decisive, I procrastinate. He talks on the phone and connects with people, I text and keep to myself. Yet somehow it works. We’ve been married almost twenty one years now, and though it took us awhile, we figured out a thing or two along the way. I have to say, we do alright. ...more

How to Survive Being Married to a Blogger

 1. Accept that writing a blog post is more important to your blogger than:...more

Why We Don't Leave Home

 There’s an old expression, “You need to get out more.” It’s good for us to travel and experience new things, but some of us have more trouble coping with the outside world.  Years ago, we went to a Barry Manilow concert. (I know, I am quite ashamed to admit it, but give me a break, I was a teenager in the 1970s. “Weekend in New England” was the romantic torch song of the era.) I purchased advance tickets and shoved them into my suitcase of a purse. ...more

The Wrong Way to Ask For a Divorce

“When can we talk?”“We can talk now.”I sat on the couch across from him. He motioned me to the bedroom. Before the door was even shut he said, “I’m done.”I waited a beat.“I can’t do this anymore. What just happened, with the kids now, and I don’t love you anymore. I’m done.”...more
A painful and very honest post. Thank you for sharing this, Jenny. I've just bookmarked this ...more

Why I'm a Housewife

When you hear someone say they are a housewife, there are quite a few images that could pop into your mind - a cute little 50's wife similar to the likes of June Cleaver, a woman walking around in a maid costume dusting/polishing the furniture, or a housewife of the Beverly Hills kind that ponders the purchase of $80K earrings. I assure you I am none of these....more

Wedding Anniversary Tips and Quotes

My husband and I celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary this week!  Although, we have two children together and we have been together for all these years, it still feels unreal at times that we have actually been married for almost a decade.  I know this is nothing compared to those couples who have grown old together and have been married for more than 20, 30, or 40 years.  We're still learning a lot about marriage everyday and we will probably still feel clueless when we reach our 25th anniversary.  We definitely have our ups and downs ...more

It's My Party!