Marriage Isn't Always Easy {And It Isn't Supposed to Be}

Last week we had professional family photos taken. The pictures show a loving family- two parents with four sweet kids eagerly anticipating the arrival of a fifth child any day. There are photos of a husband’s arms wrapped around his wife and their growing baby. There are images of children laughing and playing together. What is not as obvious in these photos is that we are a family who has lived through some very tough times....more

How America Killed My Sex Life

I am currently in India visiting friends and family with the kids.  ...more
i think the comments here are predictable first-world, self-righteousness. The social culture in ...more

How Having a Baby Affected My Marriage

My second child is now four-months-old. Before he was born, all I heard was “having two kids is no joke.” People would constantly tell me how difficult it was to handle two kids and what a change it was from having only one child. They certainly did not lie, but I’m thankful to report that there is one area that I needlessly worried would be affected by baby number two: my marriage....more
Thanks for the article. We don't have kids yet but this sounds like my marriage, and i'm sure ...more