The Greatest Love Stories

A few weeks ago, I was walking over the bridge looking at the reflection of the morning sky in the canal. In my heart, I thought about the moment God made the creative decision to put reflection on the face of the water. My thoughts about His motivations caused love to overflow in my heart. Creation is the expression of His love. I am water-logged with thoughts about the expressions of His love through creation....more

He Asked...She Said YES! And Now We Are Having ANOTHER WEDDING!

Secrets, secrets, secrets...Ryan had been planning this little secret and NOW I can finally tell!  He popped the question, asking Allison to marry him yesterday...she said YES!  And now here we go again; my last child is getting married. It's funny how things happen.  Justin and Sarah were married for 5 years last February, David and Codi 2 years in July.  Caitlin and Kevin just got married in May and now Ryan and Allison will also soon tie the knot. ...more
Congratulations! It looks like you have another wedding to start planning!more

A Jurassic Park Proposal

Lee Hall and Ashley Fragomeni are both big fans of the movie Jurassic Park so when Hall first suggested going to the fictional "Snakewater, Montana," a location immortalized in the film, Fragomeni had no idea that he had more than the usual geekery in mind. In fact, Hall meant to propose to her. ...more
Coming from someone who wanted a tattoo of a velociraptor at the age of nine and wanted to be a ...more

Better Put a Ring On It…

But fellas, before you do, please make sure she’s going to say yes. And if you’re not 110% sure, then PLEASE don’t do it on National TV.  I felt so sorry for this guy when I saw this video today… I think the roaming emcee did a pretty good job at covering up but man! the girl could have said yes and then taken it back later.(Not sure if video will embed so the link is below in the title) ...more
I couldn't see your video, but poor guy!! I'll have to go find the video on YouTube. Cute ...more

The Greatest Thing You'll Ever Learn

  Do you remember the song that was playing during an important event in your life? What was the event and the song? Do you and your significant other have a song that you call "yours"? Nat King Cole was singing on the jukebox when my dad asked Mom to marry him.The song was "Nature Boy." They were married for 63 years until Dad passed away on Saturday.I looked up the lyrics and found that many covered the song: Frank Sinatra, Sarah Vaughn, Celine Dion, and more....more
@elaineR.N. Thanks so much Elaine. That's one of the big lessons isn't it? We need to make the ...more

An Unconventional Proposal

She was tired of the waiting game. She wanted to take control of her life so she proposed to the man she wanted to spend her life with. He said no. Looking back on it years later, she's glad. As a result, she has been able to get to know herself better, to move to new places, to change her career and to live a full life. ...more
 @MrsDragon MrsDragon, the author was simply sharing her experience, meaning that SHE wasn't a ...more

The Proposal

If you have been following my blog for any amount of time, you know that I was once widowed and if you have read Two Funerals, A Christening and a Wedding, you know how I met my husband Colby.  It was all movie fashion in the Caracas airport and the movie feel of our relationship didn’t end with the weekend in Venezuela, although day-to-day life in a ...more

The Origin of The List

I'll spare you the backstory, which is at if you want to read it, and get to the good stuff.  ...more

Ode to Geek Love


Proposing Big - Feel the Romance... and the Rejection

BlogHer contributing editor (hobbies, crafts & DIY) Debra Roby sent me a great link this week to this awesome proposal video on YouTube called My Early Muir Owl.  Got me right in the mood for some posts on marriage proposals.  Of course, I had to get through all the posts linking to that YouTube video first.  That puppy is Pop-U-Ler. ...more

That link was too funny, Zandria. Thanks for sharing.