To avoid divorce, stay away from "professional listeners"

Let's take a mental break today....more

Let Me and My Womb Live: Stop Policing the Wombs of Women

A woman's womb is such a delicate, creative, innovative place that not only is a designated place where the uterus is located but it is also a place where babies and ideas are conceived in this delicate place. This particular article is about the conception of ideas rather than babies. I am going to give birth to a matter that is such a sensitive, raw and private matter...the policing of women's womb especially those who are childless. *sigh* Let me start off by saying that I am an unapologetic married woman who is childless....more

Married, Not Pregnant and It's OK

Before you get married, you hear" When are you getting married?" or "Why aren't you getting married yet?"Then, when you get married it's all about having kids. I am pretty sure it was even mentioned a time or two at our wedding reception. They try to make it all cutesy and sweet but it's the basic, "So when are the kids coming?" "Kids anytime soon?"...more
AdrienneCookie I do still ask but as you said, to close friends. I would never ask anyone else ...more

Thankful for singleness

 I had a plan.It was a good one, too. I’d seen it work out so many other times, so I decided I was all in.I was going to go to college, fall in love and then get married....more

My Divorce No Longer Defines Me

I’m currently settling into life as a single person with a new home in a new city.  I am also looking to make some new friends.  Thanks to the internet, it’s now fairly easy to connect with people who have similar interests and also live nearby.After doing a bit of research, I joined a few walking, writing and social groups that, hopefully, will encourage me to get out of the house and away from my computer screen.Recently, I went to a social mixer of about 40 men and women....more
Nancy - great thoughts - I'm just starting, in year two post marriage, to really think of myself ...more

Starting an Affair

It's august 2012 Everything I'm about to tell you is the absolute truth; or, as close to it as I can get. I hadn't meant to start anything. ...more

What I Wouldn't Miss About Him

It was over drinks that my friend told me more about her husband's death. She was 21 with a young son and she knew she was with her soulmate. His death was a tragic car accident.   And amidst the shattering grief she felt, there were tiny moments of relief. Relief that she didn't have to make a different lunch from him every day that didn't include leftovers from the night before. ...more

When Your Fantasy Doesn't Include Your Husband

Strip away the expectations you have that marriage is supposed to be one long first date. Your husband doesn't bring you flowers? When is the last time you made him a steak (without complaining) in a negligee? If you want to eat a whole pizza then you need to run around the park. If you want a sexy marriage, you need to work on it. Sweetness begets sweetness. ...more
I like the advice at the end of this blog. I totally agree -- there's no point in waiting for ...more

Project Domestication

I love to eat, but I hate to cook....more