12 Date Ideas to Give You a Break From the Kids

You love your partner and you miss having time alone Unfortunately, getting out together is hard when you have little ones at home. In addition to the cost of your date night, you also have to consider the cost of your sitter. However, it’s vital to make the effort to still date your partner. Otherwise, you may slowly drift apart and find that you’re living with a stranger. If you’re worried about instituting a date night because of the cost, then consider these clever and frugal ideas. ...more
I love the idea of being a tourist in our own town.  Super fun!more

Sneaky Dates

With two teenagers in the house, Tim and I find ourselves with unexpected pockets of time together.  Windows of opportunity I like to think of them.  They come without much warning so planning a date isn't really possible.  Spontaneity is the ruler here, especially as they often fall at unusual time slots.For instance, last night, after filing our taxes (how exciting), we realized we had about two hours to kill until Noah was out of practice.  Tina was already home from an after school meeting, at which she'd already eaten.  In addition, a friend came home t...more

Married but not dead?

...I am one of the married people you know.  Going on 19 years of marriage, very attractive, professional, financially secure, kind, athletic, two beautiful children. I am easy going, love music (especially live), art, literature,  film, good dining and travel. I consider myself successful and secure. I love my wife, but why don't I feel passionate anymore? I have never had any extramarital relationships but has been secretly thinking about it for a long time. I am longing for the excitement of a deep connection - emotional and physical - with a woman of charm and intellect. ...more

Could be that your wife will be relieved if you have an affair.

Could be she'd much ...more