8 Red Flags that my Husband needs Sex

It was time. I could tell it was time because Henry, who usually traverses the house with the stealth of a Native American tracking a herd of jittery American Bison, had begun stomping around and inadvertently slamming into furniture as if he'd become a gutshot version of one of the American Bison he was tracking.(Henry doesn't actually track American Bison. It's a metaphor. For something. In this story. Good, right?)Bottom line. Henry needed sex. I know when Henry needs sex for these reasons:...more
Good on you!  Cranky when we should be getting busy is a common theme at our house.  Finally in ...more

Would You Consider Having a Threesome After Marriage?

1988 was a banner year for me.I was separately invited by two male college friends to engage in a ménage à trois with them and their wives. I was never flirtatious with or attracted to these men. I didn't have a tongue bolt, a belly ring, pierced nipples or tattoos, which is how I pictured a sexual libertine. I wore button-down shirts, penny loafers and, on occasion, glasses that made me look like Sally Jesse Raphael with more hair....more
Don Draper recently had a threesome with his wife, Megan, and an actress friend on "Mad Men".  ...more