On Being Married At 22

What does being 22 mean to you? Starting a career, traveling, or just consuming a little too much alcohol (but having the stamina to match)? For me, 22 has meant all of those things. I’m a young graduate with the world at my feet, GSOH and not a single gray hair in sight. Oh, I got married a month after I turned 22....more

Phases of Marriage

http://mybabybirds.blogspot.com/ I read an article recently from a woman who woke up one day and realized after several years of marriage that there were some seriously dysfunctional habits  in her relationship; not the obvious kind, the kind that only the victim is aware of. At the end of the article she said she was staying with her husband. She was going to stand by him and work towards better days. It was inspiring to me, because even in her darkest hour she knew that this slice of her marriage didn't represent her entire relationship. ...more

Why being married the second time is better

http://mybabybirds.blogspot.com/I was watching Oprah for the first time in my life, and I realize I'm 20 years late, but I'm not a day time TV kinda girl. Anyway, there was a celebrity wife on this episode who mentioned that the second time she was married to her first husband was so much better than the first. She didn't elaborate, but I already knew what she meant....more