Pixie Green, Fluffy & Light Marshmallows

Christmas is finally here! What about some light and fluffy marshmallows to go with that mulled wine? Make them green and perhaps red too and have them with your cuppa home-brewed chocolate or cappuccino....more

Chocolate Marshmallow Fudge

The boys went out for the day so I took the opportunity to make this yummy fudge with MiMi, if we try to make it with them around then not much fudge makes it to the refrigerator! This is the easiest recipe I have but oh it is just sooooo good and it is always a winner with the kids when it comes to making it and eating it!...more

Marshmallow: an ancient treat in your herb garden

I constantly stress the importance of good drainage for successfully growing herbs.  Herbs do not like wet feet but every rule has its exception and the exception to the good drainage rule is the marshmallow.  As its name implies, it prefers a wet environment....more

Reese's Marshmallow Pie

Get ready for a chocolate, peanut butter, marshmallow, gooey explosion in your mouth!!This is HEAVEN!And so easy to make!!Click here for the recipe:http://gofryyourself.com/reeses-marshmallow-pie/...more
This looks so good, I love Reese's!more

S'more Pie

For my birthday I thought I would like something a little chocolaty and thought why not a S'more Pie. Read the full story here. ...more

Naturally Nora Fudge

Take It AwayI just walked in the rain last night to burn off food calories. Little did I know that I would need to take another walk to burn off more calories.What kind of calories, you say? Well, the absolutely deliciously chocolaty kind. The creamy chocolaty fudge kind....more

Remember fluffernutter? (hint, hint: this one is fun and dangerous!)

Warning: I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.  Proceed with caution… ...more
I want fluff now and we don't have any. more

Flower Cupcakes

My friend, Angie, made these for her daughter’s birthday party today and I was so impressed I just have to share them with you.This is how she makes them:Bake and frost cupcakes as usualSnip about 1/3 off a marshmallow with scissors, clipping it diagonally, which will make it pointy like a flower petal.Dip the sticky side of the now cut marshmallow in colored sugar crystals and repeat for each petal....more

Very Pretty! Almost too pretty to eat :)more

Vegan Marshmallow Sandwich

Yep, I was crazy enough to do it.  I made a marshmallow sandwich....more

Marshmallow Pops

This weekend the little girl I nanny for turns 6 years old! She is having a small birthday party, so Jeff and I decided to make a party/Valentine's Day treat for her to take to her friends at the party....more

I make a Christmas version of these with crushed candy canes. You have pretty pictures ...more