A DAY ON - Martin Luther King Jr. day, Errol Barrow day, and a call to action for Idle No More

 What do Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., past-Prime Minister of Barbados Errol Barrow, and Idle No More have in common? They are all representative of activist movements that changed the course of history, and all have scheduled days of recognition coming up this week....more

Why I named my son, Rhys after Martin Luther King, Jr. Five ways to give to tribute today!

Last year, my little blog here had a grand old time using my picture clues to guess the name of biskie spawn #2.  Most of you thought we’d use the name, “Martin,” or “Luther,” but no so!  Of course, I had to go with the more elusive, King (with absolutely no reference whatsoever to royalty.  Pinky swear). =0) We settled on Rhys King.  It was important to me to give my child a name that celebrated mine -and his- African-American heritage....more

Happy Claudette Colvin Day

There's a short story I'm very fond of, by Harlan Ellison. It's a somewhat rambling, strange piece and despite my love for it, some of it I have forgotten....more

MLK "I Have a Dream" Speech Anniversary

Today, August 28, is the 47th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I have a dream…” speech.  It was a speech filled with hope, determination, confidence and a call to action....more

The Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr. -- Still Dreaming?

This is the week in which we honor the birth of the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King. It is a holiday that was, in the words of the song, "a long time coming." This year, we are calling it "A Day of Service," with the slogan "Make it a Day On, not a Day Off." It is a noble and appropriate idea. And who could not be thankful that members of the first family and the cabinet cooked food at homeless shelters and soup kitchens, cleaned trash up in a beautification project, and directly delivered food to the hungry? It's a good thing to do to really honor Martin Luther King. ...more

It is a source of sorrow that the quotes are still so relevent. This is the quote that stuck ...more

Martin Luther King Jr. Saved The Whites

by Laura Baudo SillermanThis is how it was: There were names for black people, “coloreds” being the most polite. I can’t get myself to write them and I’m glad of that, but if I could it would illustrate how searingly deep was the fear and the distain....more

Ruby Bridges, Child Civil Rights Pioneer



Happy New Year to all of my fans. I would have invited each and everyone of you to my home for the big night but I was pretty sure I would not be able to keep my eyes open past ten o'clock. ...more