Make the Winter Go Away

for a while anyway.  It's January and pretty cold here in the Northeast.  Technically, we are only 18 days into winter, but we already have had a few snowstorms and a major ice storm.  This nasty, cold weather often makes me want to hide under a blanket with a good book and a cup of coffee (perhaps with a bit of vanilla liqueur added). ...more

Sunday Blues Martini

What could be more fun than a tropical drink?  My answer would be a tropical drink that is not overly sweet or thick.  Maybe it also has a fun color.  If those improvements to a tropical drink sound good to you, then you should try my Sunday Blues martini.  This drink is made with two types of rum and curacao.  It has a delicious tropical flavor with hints of coconut and other tropical fruits.  Plus, it is brilliant blue in color. ...more

Want a Martini That Tastes Like Summer?

Yes, the chill of winter is settling over a great portion of the Northern Hemisphere, yet I am offering a martini recipe that tastes like summer!  As I am bundled in a fuzzy sweater and heavy socks, how could I be thinking of a cool summer drink?  Easy.  I am hopeful that the taste of summer will warm me! This martini not only reminds me of summer but also of one of my favorite frozen treats from my childhood.  The combination of vanilla and orange flavors makes me think that this drink should be served frozen and on a popsicle stick! ...more

A Pretty Yet Powerful Drink

Are you a multi-faceted woman?  I know that I am.  There is the part of me that is very feminine, wearing dangling earrings, heels, and a little black dress.  The other part of me isn't afraid to take on chores, such as installing shelves or shoveling our (very long) driveway after a snowstorm.  On a recent weekend night, I wanted to create a drink that was multi-faceted.  I wanted it to look pretty in a chilled martini glass, but I also wanted a serious drink.  What I created was just that. ...more

A Hint of Cranberry

This time of year a hot drink is a nice way to enjoy the after-dinner hours.  However, there also is something to be said about a drink that has a hint of cranberry flavor.  For me, cranberry is a wonderful flavor that makes me think of fall. So, on a recent chilly night, instead of making a pot of coffee and adding a little something to it, I decided to concoct a martini that included cranberry juice.  I didn't want to go with something tried and true, such as a Cosmopolitan.   ...more

Fantastic drink, however I combined the vodka and the raspberry liqueur with this amazing more

Candy in a Glass Martini

If you were to ask me if I like martinis, my answer would be, "Yes."  However, I am not referencing the sort of martinis that are ordered dry, dirty, or with olives.  I like my martinis to be fruity and lightly sweet. As regular patrons of a local upscale restaurant, the two main bartenders have come to know my husband's and my cocktail preferences.  Therefore, rather than searching the drink menu or ordering a "usual" drink, I ask the bartender du jour to make whatever specialty drink would best suit me. ...more

I wanted to stay, right there, in the moment...

I wanted to stay, right there, in the moment... Grossi_003 Mr. G and I spent last night at a luscious Sweet 16 party for a darling friend of ours. Somewhere between my pink martini and the amazing array of Italian food, the D.J. put on a song that slid my hips into a motion that resembled rhythm...and inevitably that tends to lead me to the dance floor. You'd think that I swung onto the floor with my hunky hubby in hand, but at the time, he was clear across the room. So I grabbed the arm of a few girlfriends and we drifted onto the dance floor together. ...more