No One Cares That You're Acting Like a Martyr

Yesterday’s posts weren’t as funny. Sorry about that. Some days will be like that, but I will try to avoid them. I’m more going for honest than funny though, so there will be days that aren’t as funny. You should know, though, that part of my brain has developed a DeNiro voice and is asking “What, you think I’m some kind of clown? That I’m here to amuse you?” There are a handful of people who could be doing the voice – various actors have had some version of the line at some point in their career. In my head, though, it is DeNiro....more

Pie and Moms: Have Your Pie and Eat it Too, Damnit! :-)

I would show you pieces of pie, but no pie has stayed around long enough in this house to snap a picture of it. I tell you what I'll do for my readers: when I'm shopping today, I'll buy some. Just for you. I can make this sacrifice since you've come to expect photos of stuff. I'll add them in. Ain't that sweet of me? Why pie? What makes me bring up pie? You want some, don't you?I was looking at twitter and a tweet caught my eye:...more