CAPTAIN AMERICA: Civil War Fights onto Bluray this September!

Marvel’s “Captain America: Civil War” has conquered both audiences and critics, debuting to $179.1 million—the fifth-biggest domestic opening of all time—and earning a 90% critics rating on Rotten Tomatoes. “Captain America: Civil War” is the highest-grossing film of 2016 domestically, internationally and globally, earning more than $1.14 billion at the worldwide box office. It also continues Marvel Studios’ winning streak as the 13th consecutive film from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) to debut at #1 at the domestic box office. ...more

5 Marvel Heroines Every Woman Should Watch

With Netflix’s release of the second season of Daredevil in March, we closed another chapter in the story of a strong Marvel superhero. Daredevil’s character appeals directly to the male audience, but what about ladies as leads? As a Marvel fan, I can promise you there are some incredibly awesome female heroines in the comic book realm — women who represent strength, courage and are awe-inspiring.  Here are my 5 Marvel Heroines Every Woman Should Watch. Agent Peggy Carter ...more

Bernthal's The Punisher Fantastic In Daredevil Season 2

Like most Marvel fans, I was thrilled to watch the highly anticipated Daredevil Season 2 on Netflix. The series featuring Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock, attorney by day and superhero by night, is deserving of much more praise than it receives. This season, the series is dominated by the presence of Jon Bernthal as one of Marvel Comics' most recognizable anti-heroes, The Punisher....more

NaBloPoMo (11/2015) - Day 23: I blame Jessica Jones

(BlogHer would not allow me to log in prior to midnight...the page was down. This was completed on 11/23/15. You can see original post HERE for proof that it was completed and posted on 11/23/15.)So, I really wanted to write something interesting tonight. But, I'm afraid I won't have much for you....more

When will Black Widow get top billing?

There are many reasons to like "Captain America: the Winter Soldier" the newest addition to Marvel's superhero movie franchise....more
this is not normally the type of movie i would see but now you have me convinced i should see it!more

The New Pakistani American Ms. Marvel And The Shifting American Narrative

It’s hard to imagine a comic book could provoke a firestorm of controversy and world-wide media attention, but in November 2013 when Marvel announced the new Ms. Marvel would be Kamala Khan, a sixteen-year-old Pakistani American teenager from Jersey, this is exactly what happened. As a Pakistani American myself, I was both intrigued and concerned by the news. It’s not every day people that look like me are featured in the media in a positive light....more
I loved this comic so so so much.  It's just good comics, and I hope more people will go out and ...more

A Mom's Review of Thor: The Dark World

Let me preface this review with statement that our household is a huge fan of the Avenger's and all things superhero!  So, I suppose going into the movie, we were slightly biased in being predisposed to liking the movie, but I will try to bring some objective reviewing to this article.   Thor: The Dark World is the follow up to the original Thor movies from 2 years ago, as well as building off the popular Avengers movie from 2012....more

Super Women: The Ladies Rock "The Avengers"

Have ya heard the buzz? Of course you have. You've been hit over the head with it multiple times the past few weeks. The Avengers is opening in theaters. Like, NOW. This has been one of THE most anticipated superhero movies in the last few years... not only because it has a crazy Marvel comics fan-following, but because it's got some of the hottest stars starring in it. (Hello, Robert Downey Jr. Watching him as Iron Man will never get old to me......more