Get it Beauty! Find Your Way to Beautiful

Don't limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, remember, you can achieve....more

Blogging is the new Mary Kay

This is my fourth year as a blogger and I’m learning so many new things about what that title really means. I write under the label of a ‘mommy blogger’ because this, my second blog, was inspired by my pregnancy last year. It has been a vehicle to share my pregnancy, birth, and life as a first time mom (plus whatever else my little heart desires!).  I’ve connected with people from all over the U.S. with this blog and am still expanding that network through communities like
I've been thinking about combining the two! I started selling Mary Kay in July and LOVE it. Who ...more

Apple Berry Creme Lipstick for Charity

Did you know that Mary Kay Apple Berry is the third most popular Mary Kay Creme Lipstick shade and according to global makeup artists, the most suitable shade of our entire product line for all skin tones? ...more

Mary Kay Bus Garage Scandal Update

From the Charleston (WV) Daily Mail: Bus garage worker says she didn’t sell Mary Kay One of the school bus employees fired for allegedly having a role in an unworked overtime scandal said she was wrongly terminated and denied selling beauty and skincare products while on the clock for the school system. Sheri Painter, who worked as a bus driver at the Elkview terminal for eight years, was one of four bus employees whose dismissals were disclosed at a Kanawha County school board meeting last week. ...more

Mary Kay Scandal? Updated

Mary Kay scandal rocks bus garage Click the link above to read about the scandal (link available at This is an employee abuse in which Mary Kay was the product used. Employers should know that many employees spend “on the clock” time to disperse catalogs, collect money and distribute products and “opportunities” for OTHER types of MLMs (multi-level marketing). While it seems harmless to do school fundraisers or sell make up or home decor, et. al. it DOES take time away from an employer unless it is done during “off the clock” time. ...more

Mary Kay Destroying Half a Million Women's Lives Each Year (Opinion Piece)

Let's take a look at some real figures regarding Mary Kay Cosmetics and consultant turnover. I often hear pro-Mary Kay women rave that there are millions of women who have had wonderful experiences as consultants, so the company must be fantastic. Now here's my theory. Are women quitting Mary Kay because it was everything they wanted and more, and because they were making money doing it? Or do they quit because they are dissatisfied and are not making money? ...more

I have four sisters and all of them at one time in their lives have been Mary Kay consultants. ...more

Did I Hiccup When I said, "Don't Do Pink?"

After working in Mary Kay since the 1980s (so I’ve been informed) there are women making money at it. That makes me say hmm! ...more