Why James O'Keefe Is Not A Journalist

James O'Keefe, the undercover videographer known for his recent arrest at Sen. Mary Landrieu's office and last fall's ACORN sting videos, calls himself an investigative journalist in the tradition of 60 Minutes and others. Even if you are a fan of his work, I hope that you recognize that he is an activist and propagandist, not a journalist by the standards most professionals use....more

I'm glad this popped in my box today. I meant to add this information that came out after ...more

The Group of 17 Power Women

Last week, we introduced you to the newest women in the Senate as well as those who began serving late in the Clinton Administration. This week, we get to have--dare we say--a senior moment with the women who have been serving in the senate long enough to wield power on their committees, from recently re-elected third-termers Susan Collins and Mary Landrieu to the women who were there when Anita Hill spoke, including the Lioness of the Senate, Barbara Mikulski. ...more