Small Confined Spaces: Air Travel and Stress

Steve Slater, a JetBlue employee, quit by shouting out a few expletives over the Intercom system, grabbing some beers, and exiting out the plane's emergency door after a passenger's bag clocked him in the head. But it's not really take-this-job-and-shove-it insomuch as plane travel has become so stressful that it can make the most even-tempered people snap. ...more

No no no, I said "bring it on" only because I figured someone would tell me to suck it up and ...more

Is Faking an Orgasm Anti-Feminist?

There's a lot going on in my life these days. My apartment is a mess due to renovations that I am convinced will never end; I need a job; I didn't use my time as an unemployed person to write a best-selling book; I don't understand why Americans hate it when people want basic rights and let themselves be co-opted by special interest groups; I feel like I can't read a newspaper without wanting to poke my eyes out (or run away and live as a hermit in a cave); etc., etc. Usually, when I am frustrated, I become completely preoccupied with whatever is stressing me out, and it permeates all areas of my life. However, I've been surprised to find that my libido declared, "carpe diem," and moved ahead despite my typical one track mindedness. ...more

I realize this thread is long dead, but I just read the post and wanted to make a quick comment. ...more