Which is more powerful, an apology or forgiveness?

 Say you’ve been hurt, and on a scale of 1-10, it’s a solid 11. Some time has passed, and now, due to its magnitude, this hurt has turned into a wound – possibly even a debilitating one replete with anxiety, depression; the works. Maybe at one point you didn’t even know how you would survive the pain; just the thought of it could take you down. But then eventually you moved on, you had to....more

Can you have too many friends?


Are you talking to me??

There you are, in line at the grocery store when a very attractive person brushes up against you accidentally…or so you think. How can you be sure?...more

Show me the love!

How can you show love?There are literally hundreds, if not hundreds of thousands of ways we can behave, things we can do that could be considered loving. Yet it is from where the gesture comes that distinguishes the loving act from the empty gesture. What good, for example, is it if you hold your tongue in an argument, wanting credit for displaying self-control or hoping to get some payoff (like sex), while ultimately you have contempt for your partner and find their behavior regularly intolerable? Very little, it turns out! ...more

Great communication means a great Valentine's Day

Rob, 35 Huntington Beach, CA, asked Maryanne: Last year my wife flipped out when I bought her lingerie for Valentine’s Day. The truth is, I still don’t know why. She just got angry and said “Isn’t it obvious?” and that was it. Any advice on what I get her this year that won’t set her off (and that we both can enjoy), which is what I thought the point of Valentine’s Day was? ...more

Tomorrow Me

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Will 2011 be better than 2010?

  “Maybe…”  ...more

5 healthy ways to get through holiday craze!

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The best gift ideas of all!

It’s easy to get besieged by the sheer volume the holiday season brings with it. And while much of what we are actually celebrating and why gets buried underneath our “list” (which seems to grow each year, and not always in proportion to our bank account), there’s plenty of time to resurrect the Joy the season has to offer by revisiting what it actually means to give!...more