Will 2011 be better than 2010?

  “Maybe…”  ...more

Date Night Ideas

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(dis)like a Virgin

“Hello and welcome to We Already Have your Money and There’s Nothing You Can Do About It. For customer service, press 1 or say customer service…” I enunciate, “Customer service”… “I’m sorry, I didn’t understand, did you say new reservation?” “CUSTOMER SERVICE,” I bark into the phone....more

Cat and mouse

Love it when you send me questions! Here’s a recent one.   Hello there, I hope you can help me,  ...more

Ask Maryanne: Group Sex?

Group Sex Questions: Good or Bad? ...more

Ask Me Anything!

Ask MaryanneMaryanne shares her answers to some of the questions readers and listeners send. Want your question answered? Email info@maryannelive.com !...more

Saying No

By Maryanne Comaroto “NO” is one of those words that most women have difficulty uttering for fear we will not be liked or loved, yet sometimes it is the very word that is a door between us and what we really want. Think about it for a minute, and you will see that “No” sometimes means you might have avoided some unnecessary discomfort, even pain and suffering. Practically speaking, NO is the sound that your body makes when it contracts, and it’s a natural reflex. It’s when we override this inner wisdom that we get into trouble.  ...more

Oh, God, Maryanne, I do love your writing.

To me, the thoughts/feelings/experiences of each ...more

Finding freedom through commitment

By Maryanne ComarotoMy husband David and I were on the approach to The Golden Gate Bridge, on our way to the airport, when I had a “feeling” to check my cell. Sure enough, four calls within minutes, evidence someone was urgently trying to reach me. Validation that my intuition (i.e. that feeling) was working....more

Dreams, Hope, Hopi Prayer and Kleenex

  Yesterday morning I woke up rocked me by a dream trilogy that spoke to me in the kind of way some dreams do and leave a film that you just can’t shake. After about a half hour of trying to analyze the dream and figure out what the “message” was, I gave up and decided to simply surrender into the heaviness that accompanied it (which, of course, I wasn’t in the mood for and was resisting).  ...more