Miracle on 34th Street a Baltimore Holiday Tradition

Baltimore is full of traditions from Orioles baseball, trips down ne oshun all summer, Berger cookies and Natty Boh to name a few. When the holidays come around the biggest tradition is the Miracle on 34th Street display in Hampden. In it's 69th year this tradition won't be going away anytime soon. Bob Hosier is the "guy who started it all", back with his humble beginnings when he was a teenager and lived in Northeast Baltimore. He placed a string of lights on a tree in the family yard and the rest was history....more

A Nice Weekend for a White Wedding

What a wedding weekend!I’m going to tell this story in chronological order, but important things need to be said first.Kristina and Will made a beautiful bride and a handsome groom, respectively. The ceremony was sweet and they looked so incredible happy together. Congratulations you two and I’m sending you wishes for a wonderful and happy life together....more

Fall in Maryland

Yesterday was a gorgeous, warm fall day. Late in the afternoon while driving home my eyes witnessed nature's awesome beauty. I snapped these photos with my mobile phone. Pretty awesome pics, eh? What kind of phone you ask? HTC one x+...more

Wordless Wednesday: Why I Love Maryland

I think from these photos I could love Maryland too!more

My Famous Crabcakes

Over the years I have made more crabcakes than I care to remember, I have used claw, special, lump, jumbo lump and a mixture of two or more crab meats, all depending on what I could charge for the crabcakes....more

A Heartbreaking Civil War Diary

(To see the photos that go with this text please view my blog "A Rolling Crone" at http://arollingcrone.blogspot.com Because it was Memorial Day weekend, I went yesterday to the Grafton Historical Society’s rooms in the former Town Hall on the Grafton Common in our little Massachusetts town to see a Civil War display that they’ve recently posted there. It summarized the names, ages and occupations of the 65 young men from Grafton who died in that war. ...more

Being back from the holidays - foodwise

Being back from the holidays - foodwise This is what is really happening after the holiday season. We way gained to much weight during those festivities, i am kinda feeling like a blob. I now just feel like a potato, just round, bland and mushy. Too much food, too much wine, too much sitting down watching old movies while eating caramels. Too much of "i have to taste this!". My ultimate weight barometer (if my pants fit or not) is still good, i can zip them up but i surely feel like a ball of dough. ...more

Blogging Mothers

This morning on the WUSA9 News Now show, Liz McConville, the Resource Editor for Washington FAMILY Magazine along with Janine Nickel, a blogger on the Washington FAMILY Magazine web site visited with Peggy Fox about mom bloggers.  The number of moms who are online and blogging has really exploded in recent months. ...more

Great post on the exploding number of blogging Mom's.  We have so much to ...more

And how, exactly, do we get from point A to point B and are they serving drinks?

Today I was thinking about one of the last times I was at my favorite Baltimore diner. ...more

wildest woe is love

I need your help. Things haven’t been going well with S for a while now.  I know it’s my fault.  I’ve been scared and distant.  I guess I should explain. We started dating in July.  It was new and it was wonderful.  Everything was perfect (as it always is at the beginning of a new relationship).  But he then at the end of August he left.  He had to go to Maryland for a Co-op.  ...more